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08 December 2008

I am truly blessed to become a Mom...This was a stolen shot by my husband. I was playing with my son then...Snuggled in each other's arms.

I'm so glad that God gave me a son like you.
I'm so proud to have you as a son.
I'm so grateful that I have you as a son.
I see a little more of me in you with each passing year.
You grow wiser with each passing year.
You'll always be my little boy.
My Big Hugs To You!


Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

enchie!! i love this photo!!! it's incredibly warmth! :) I am so happy for you to have a son like yours! :) I can't wait to have mine when i get married later. :) God Bless!! *HUGZ*

Umma said...

OMG.. what a great picture being captured by hubby.. Mom and son in their candid moments.

Mommy Ench, your son is soooo cute, how old na ba xia?

{ Jhari } said...

Precious Moments! :)

Enchie said...

Thanks ladies!

It's indeed a precious moment...My son turned 4 yrs last September. Most thinks he's 6 :)

Chris said...

great pic :) sarap bonding moments

kikamz said...

what a great pic. the moment was definitely captured! by the way, i have an award for you. here's the link:

J@n!ce said...

Precious moment & amazing shot your hubby took :):)

Jes said...

wow ang ganda ng kuha n to! =) ang sarap sarap nmn nyan! =) sweet ninyo ano? =)

Jes said...

lately nagiging busy ako sa kaka blog... =( and d ko n ata naasikaso ang mga ank ko

Elizabeth said...

ganda ng pic!how I wish I have a picture with my son as candid as that! impromptu but well taken shot! ganda din ng message. Hayy...I also love my son so much! He's my hubby's mini me. Thanks for sharing this! :D