The Master's Bedroom

11 December 2008

To be the most private, the coziest and relaxing location for every individual.
I made this realization early today while all snuggled up with my husband, talking on some sweet nothingness this holiday season had brought us and still, is bringing us. It felt so good. Really... The softness of the bed and the fluffly feel of the comforter added to the wonderful, luxurious moment.
One goal in my list by the time I get married is to create a clutter-free bedroom. I grew up in a house where you can see stuff all over. (Just imagine7 of us living together, of different personalities and interests---4 of my siblings and my parents.) So, I was persistently eyeing on a different environment for my own family. Our bedroom carries only the basics. A Queen sized bed, sidetables, lamps for each, a fan (which is very common in the Philippines), AC, my dresser, franky's detachable closet, TV and a player (a surround sound is a must btw), pictures of the family and a crucifix.
My husband and I agreed to put the rest of the electronics (like the computer, the playstation and the stereo) outside or in the other room. We believe that those things will only contradict the whole purpose of making our bedroom as the family's main sacntuary---stress reliever. I can even call it as our meditation, alone time area.
There are moments, when my husband's at work, my son's sleeping, while lying down, I would think of things, random thoughts that helps me refresh my memory. And sometimes it makes me create instant realizations about life, reality itself, more ideas, events, financial, even politics. But the most important factors it brings us, is the inner peace. And the spiritual guidance, giving us all the time to pray in silence. So, what do you think of your bedroom?
Four walls, three words, 3 lives, one heart
13 days before Christmas!
Big Hugs!

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