The Night When Heaven Smiled Down At Us

03 December 2008

This was a rare formation of the planets Jupiter and Venus with the moon. A couple of weeks ago I heard from the news about this, and I thought I missed it entirely the whole time. This was after the Meteor Shower in Western Canada (Nov. 20 '08).
Lucky me, I was able to see a rare event last Monday. As we were driving along Marcos Hi-way, Marikina City. We noticed the moon and some stars (which were Jupiter & Venus) aligned in the most fascinating way. In a form of a Smiling face.

Read more of this Xtraordinary event:
The orbits of the two bright planets appeared closest in the night sky Sunday (Monday here), an event known as a planetary conjunction. While they appeared to be just two degrees apart on Sunday, the close formation is misleading: the two planets are actually about 800 million km apart.
The same two planets appeared to meet in our sky earlier this year on the morning of Feb. 1, but planetary conjunctions visible from Earth are normally relatively rare events.
The next visible conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter will be in May 2011 in the morning and March 2012 in the evening, but neither will be as close as Sunday's.
Their appearance close together Monday will also be unique because of the position of the moon. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, that meant they saw the two planets above the moon, forming a smiley face in the sky about 20 to 30 minutes after sunset.

The wonders of God's creation...


earthlingorgeous said...

oooOOOooo I took a pic of the smiley moon too! ang ganda diba aliw ako sobra ang tagal ko sa rooftop namin trying to get a better angle :)

Arlene said...

Hi Enchie, was here today. Wishingyou a great week-end!

Marie said...

Hello Enchie,

Lam mo didto sa State last Sunday nakita ko yan pero align sila LOL. Di pormang smiley yong nakita ko...frown ata LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend to you ...

Enchie said...

Thanks ladies for droping by ;) sa States or sa northern area opposite ang makikita nga :)