The Personal Promise Bible For Mothers

15 December 2008

My Mother gave me a mother's bible today... She was hoping to give it to me on Christmas as a bonus gift, but I saw it already.

"May They Be The One Help Put A Bible In Every Home"
They: that's us ladies!
It contains personal affirmations, meditations, and Bible readings as well as stories of Great Mothers from the Bible and their prayers to uplift the mother in us. It's a small book that can be brought anywhere. I don't know where my mom bought it or got it from, but on my part, I'll be sharing those inspirations from the book, to the moms, wives, & to the rest of the women online. It is very important that we look up to something when we feel lonesome, or we just can't absorb, and understand  certain circumstances.
These kind of affirmations are next to consulting a friend, your husband, or anybody (who might not be around to keep you company). Just recently, I have been thinking of buying a new reading. This handbook came just in time. It was made for daily reflection. A book you will surely open each day.
How to use This Personal Promise Bible:
*Take a verse and memorize it. God's truth in you can then open your eyes to His great love for you. To get truth to an even deeper, life-changing level, take that verse and think on it all day. Ask yourself, "How does this truth affect my life today?"

* Next, make these promises personal and pray these promises to Him. Not only He'll transform you, He will empower you to become a spiritual encouragement in the lives of your children and many others.
Passage of the Day:
A Mother's Heart Reflects God's---Caring
"You are my hiding place; You will preserve me from trouble; You will surround me with songs of deliverance."
-Psalm 32:7-


Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

i've always love quotes from psalms! and this one from psalm 32 is one of my fave! i love it and how comforting these words brings. :) Praise God that we are able to sing praises & give Him thanks! :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

such a wonderful gift from yr mom! :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

Happy Monday to you, enchie! God Bless!!!

Enchie said...

Thank you Jean! It is surely inspiring me now, to share and spread the word.

The Dusun Aroma said...

Good stuff!

arlene said...

i have a total 4 personal Bibles ever since. but now isa nlang natira and wala ng cover. Am sad sa mga borrowers. If they don't lose it, they ruined it. haii :)

That's a lovely Bible.

kiakmz said...

what a nice gift idea! we have two bibles in the house.. i won't mind having another one! and might as well give one to my mothers too!

Scribbling Angel said...

Yep...The Bible is such a great source of wisdom and comfort. Keep reading, Ench, and oh, thanks for the blog award!

Umma said...

I like that kind of gift idea.. I tried to read the Bible too and it really gives me some sort of piece of mind.

Chris said...

very nice gift.. you are right. we all need to seek refuge, and what better place than to seek it in God's Word. His Words are always "on time"