Celebrating Sweet Nothing's First Blog Anniversary

23 October 2009

Life continues. Stories of happy, sad, fun and Xtraordinary. As I was assessing my blog's survival for the past year, there is only one motivating factor behind it. The CHALLENGE of what my life has got to offer in order to share. Its all about life. Life, life, life. How colorful it is, how dull and bland it may be.

One thing that I totally forgot for the past 6 months though... the main purposes and reasons why I started blogging.

Theme: It's all about My Life's Purpose. Providing inspiration, learning from others, accepting adversities and making it as a strong point of starting all over again, opening up for change and simply releasing some thoughts that are worth sharing and maybe life changing. I am blessed with a life that most women enjoy. Some, they dream about, and others become very envious of.

Being a Mother and a Wife.

Just yesterday, I was aksed by a famiy and a friend. "So what's for you now"?

I answered: Where my husband goes, I'll trust, I'll follow and support him. Being a Mom and a wife is IT for me. There's nothing else IN for me. I am very satisfied with the life I have with my family. It's all about my family now...

Sweet Nothings will always be about our (my family's) Nothingness. The little but sweet nothings that makes our everyday extraordinary. Sometimes we don't see. It's just there, we all have it. It may be the smallest factor, reasons why we are happy. Sweet Nothings will stand with or without ads, EC, blog hops, and comments. With another year ahead of me, it is an opportunity to reflect on the old, create a happier set up, and for sharing new fairy tales, stories of love, laughter, sadness... whatever comes.

To my blogger friends and readers:
Thank you for the blessing of friendship, love, and inspiration. Thank you for the one of a kind experiences, the laughter, the "kilig" moments from your stories, learnings, and for the stories that define who you are.

Today, I choose to focus on Life's small gifts,
a touch, a smile, a fragrance.
Today, I choose the Good that Life has to offer.

So how did I celebrate my first year?

My husband went on a 2- week leave from work. Everyday- from Monday, we were out loving our time. Enjoyed each other's company, danced around the kitchen together, brought our son to and from school together, made Franky's Halloween costume together. It was just all about being Extraordinarily together... everyday.

Plus, plus, plus
A 6-hour pampering in the new hair salon I just recently discovered. Hair treatment, foot massage, pedicure. Well, it's that time of the year when I pour time for myself. Might as well do it in celebration of my blog's first anniversary.
My little boy, happy to accompany me. Thanks to my husband who took care of everything.
Smiley Face

The BANGS are back!
A little treat for my camera too. Finally, it is now protected!
A possible Speedlight on its way, a 50mm and a telephoto-zoom lens.


♥peachkins♥ said...

Happy Blogiversary! You deserve all the pampering you can get!

Ron said...

Congratulationz! ^_^

Daan lang pow ^_^

nurseabie said...

Happy Blogiversary Ench! Congratulations! Like your new hair style.

Mys said...

Belated Happy Blogversary! Sorry for the late comment.

Chris said...

happy anniversary enchie!!! :D great way to celebrate!

i really love passing by here everyday... :) im so glad to have known you in the blogsphere... i truly consider you as one of my blogger fiends..

Enchie said...

Thank you Peachy, Ron, Abie, Mys and Chris... Hugs! You guys complete my blogging journey.

Beth said...

Congrats on your first blogversary!
I like the statement that Sweet Nothings will continue without EC, paid ads, comments, etc. It is true. I believe that esp for blogs that were put up to journalize life's daily blessings and buzz. :)

Congrats, Enchie! You also deserve that 6 hour salon pampering! Sarap naman niyan! :)

Lulu said...

what a great celebration... what a better way to celebrate than to be with the people we love!

Liz said...

Uyy 1 year na pala. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

joy said...

Happy First Blog Anniversary Enchie! Looking forward to reading all of your inspiring entries for many years to come.

Jacris said...

I love the post Enchie, happy blogversary.

Willa said...

You blog because you have life to share with others not because of ads or whatsoever, as long as there's life, then there's blog.
Congrats to a year of happy and fun blogging, looking forward for more.

Yami said...

Hi Enchie. Uy sorry late ako naka-greet sau. Anyway, eto na greet na kita ng Happy blogversary? More great blogging moments to come at bagay sa iyo ang bagong hairdo mo. :)

SASSY MOM said...

Happy anniversay, Mommy Enchie! Sorry for the late greeting...

Im glad to have met people like you in the blogosphere. Many many more inspiring posts to come.

Clarissa said...

Congratulations and Happy 1st Blog Anniversary!! Your blog inspires me a lot and I thank YOU for being friendly.You deserve that pamper at the salon--looks great on you dear!!^_^Congrats!!

GAGAY said...

happy anniv for your blog te ench!! i have something for you here! keep rockin'!!!

earthlingorgeous said...

Happy Anniversary! What an awesome treat you had for your blog anniversary! Oh and Congrats for winning the Red Ribbon contest!