I Live In This Land Called Paraiso

31 December 2008

Please click the link to listen:
Paraiso - Lea Salonga


RyanCaybyab's favorite rendition of his original composition which was originally performed by the group called Smokey Mountain.

The words:

Return to a land called Paraiso,
a place where a dying river ends.
No birds there fly over Paraiso,
no space allows them to endure.
The smoke that screens the air,
the grass that's never there.
And if I could see a single bird, what a joy.
I try to write some words and create
a simple song to be heard by the rest of the world.

I live in this land called Paraiso,
in a house made of cardboard floors and walls.
I learned to be free in Paraiso, free to claim anything I see.
Matching rags for my clothes, plastic bags for the cold.
And if empty cans were all I have, what a joy.
I never fight to take someone else's coins and live with fear like the rest of the boys.
Paraiso, help me make a stand.
Paraiso, take me by the hand Paraiso, make the world understand that if I could see a single bird, what a joy.
This tired and hungry land could expect some truth and hope and respect from the rest of the world.

A friend online once commented in my other site.

"I hope that the masses could also have access in the internet and be able to read the stories we bloggers share." and get inspired like the rest.

Money is not a matter at this side of the story. As the lyrics says: I never fight to take someone else's coins and live in fear. Instead we find ways to make our own stand. Even in the smallest way we possibly can. That way, we get love & respect.

This country has all the resources to offer, it's up to us how to make use of it and in the right way...It is indeed a paradise to be able do everything we want. Let's be wise to and responsible.

Weekend Snapshot---Year Ender

29 December 2008

Fireworks display at the Mall Of Asia
December 26, 2008, Friday

Talk about being at the right place and time. We were just roaming around at the bay area of MOA when they announced a Fireworks Display which will be shown in 15 minutes. Lucky us. These are just some of my shots. This entry is my official WS Year Ender. It was one of my awaited experiences (to do some fireworks test shots with my new camera). It happened!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing You a Blessed and Meaningful 2009!!!

Toy Hunt---Toys Received On Christmas Day

27 December 2008

Here are 2 of my sons gifts he got for Christmas.

A Tonka Tractor that makes sounds from the real one.

And the main---A Vtech Laptop. Every kid should have one! he!he!he! Please bear with the writing on the wall. It's my son's corner of the house :)
To join Toy Hunt: Go to http://whenmomtalks.com/
Have A Great Weekend!

Big Warm Hugs!

Christmas Eve 2008

Hi guys! It's been a long time since my last entry. Busy, busy with family activities this holiday season. Here in the Philippines, the government announced an 11 day vacation for everybody. No work from Dec.25- Jan 2. All families are taking advantage of the gift of time given. To bond and to simply enjoy a stress free and pressure free week.
Here's a quick recap of our Christmas Eve celebration:
Since we celebrate Christmas on my side every 25th of the month. I asked my sister Ella to join us on Christmas Eve. It looked easy to prepare Noche Buena good for 4 people. Guess again! it's not. Especially, when I still wanted everything to be xtraspecial even if there's just the 4 of us. My sister helped me cook our Christmas grub for 2008.
Later on, we had gift giving. Over-all my husband & I were the only ones who had an exchange of gifts. The rest, are for Ella and Franky.
I got my hubby a 320 GB storage disk. He keeps on forgetting to buy one for himself, and he needs it badly. So, I thought I'll make sure that he gets it this time. The moment he received it, he unwrapped and started transferring files from his computer.
From him, I got these...he!he!he! Every year I make it a point to buy Lacoste shirts for myself. But this year, had been an adjustment for the family. Gotta sacrifice some things and start living a simpler life. Well, he surprised me. It's the fit and comfort that matters. And the fact that it doesn't get worn out easily.
By the way, here's our Christmas table:

I prepared--- Baked Macaroni, Grilled Liempo, Dory Fish Fillet, Chopsuey, Keso De Bola, Fruit Salad. As I was preparing, a bad cold hit me. I was still thinking of buying flowers and cake but, I wasn't feeling very well. So, I missed those this year.

Anyway, it was a blast for the family. Being together with our loved ones is already a gift, a blessing. We're very thankful for the food we shared and gifts we received.

I still have a part 2 to share---Christmas Day, Dec.25, 2008
This is it for now.

*will be visiting your sites as soon as I can* Thank You for visiting Sweet Nothings this holiday season!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Big Warm Hugs!

Happy Birthday Pretty Umma

24 December 2008

1. What's your first impression on umma?
I can say that she's sincere. A friend who wouldn't let you down. Will be of help in every little way she possibly can. It would be wonderful to meet her in person. (wink-wink)

2. After you've known her, did that impression change?
Nope. That's the nice part. It proves that she is indeed a true friend, acquiantance and as an individual. May it be online or in person.

3. What song will you sing to her aside from "Happy Birthday" and why?
I'll make that song/s
You Were There
: babyface
"So precious, small treasures
A time when truth was innocent
True friendship, was all we were after
A place where kids could still be kids And it hurts
But I'm glad 'cause at least I was blessed To have you as my friend."
"There are no accidents God has a plan for everyone
And he brought you in my life
To show me what a good friendship was"
Can't Hold Us Down
:christina aguilera
This is for my girls all around the world
Thinking all women should be seen, not heard
So what do we do girls? Shout louder!
Letting them know were gonna stand our ground
Lift your hands high and wave them proud
Take a deep breath and say it loud
Never can, never will, cant hold us down
4. If Umma is a flower, what will she be? why?
Based on how I'ved known her. A Lily. Particularly a white one, which symbolizes, feminity, purity and sincerity.

5. When you meet Umma in person, what is the first word you might say.
"If" I meet her in person... Of course her name UMMA!!! it's the manner of how I will say it and the action that will come after (which is going to be a big hug).

6. When you look at her picture, what can you say about her personality.
She is a very happy person, full of love!

7. How do you describe Umma as a friend online?
She is a very sweet person... Her messages alone, makes my blogging for the day complete.

8. What do you think of her as a mother?
Ideal Mom! That includes, being pretty and fashionable :)
9 . What do you think of her posts and why?
I like her posts because they are very informative. And at the same time it catches my interests too.
10.What is your birthday wish for Umma?
Pretty Umma:
I know you're truly blessed with everything.
I wish you MORE---tender love & care, happiness, wisdom, babies!
Stay sweet & wonderful! I'm glad to have met You and NIKO!

Wishing you a Merry & Happy Birthday!
Big Warm Hugs!

In Celebration Of The True Meaning Of Christmas

The Birth of Christ Our Lord and Saviour

The Filipino Version of The Holy Family
Setting up The Holy Family every Christmas' been part of the family's holiday tradition, commemorating the birth of Christ. My family inTaytay had let go of the Christmas Tree and replaced it with The Holy Family as the center for the holiday season. I am blessed to have given a set of Belen ( Holy Family from my in-laws) for my very own home.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."
John 3:16-17

The true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of this incredible act of love.

Happy Holidays Everybody!
I Wish You All The Blessings for the next Holiday Seasons to come...
Have A Meaningful One...
Big, Warm Hugs!

Chocolate Lover

22 December 2008

I'm back in making chocolate candies and other chocolate goodies this Christmas. It's an easy procedure. All you'll be needing is a double broiler, basic spatulas and chocolates!

Double Broiler--- Pots stacked together with water in the bottom one heating the top pot. Preventing scorching and separating. Ideal for melting chocolate or perfecting sauces.
I had to go to Chocolate Lovers---a famous place that povides the basics and extras for baking and making pastries. I started making chocolate candies when I was in college. From chocolate lollipops, chocolates stuffed with the finest, imported nuts and plain chocolate candies of different molds. It replaced the usual Kutsinta (a native Filipino dessert) that we used to give away every Christmas.
I prefer using Dark or Bitter Chocolate Bars. Of course White Chocolates are also included. It's our xmas giveaway for close family and friends. This year, I used walnuts, rice crispies, combination of white and dark chocolates as the main highlights.
I had to finish everything yesterday. Today, while making this entry, I'm also waiting for my ride to attend a whole day affair. Tomorrow, I need to pass some papers for my bro-in-law before Christmas. Next thing I'll know, I need to prepare for our Noche Buena already. How time flies by so fast.
2 months ago I was just planning about the holidays. And now, in 2 weeks it will end already. Anyway, here are some of my finished product. It was very tiring rushing my chocolates, but fun. My kitchen is a one whole inspirational room inside my home.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Big, Warm, Hugs!

Weekend Snapshot---Christmas Party Goes Hollywood

21 December 2008

A quick recap!
Last friday I was invited to join my husband's Chritsmas party
Venue: One Ayala (formerly Euphoria Disco) Intercontinental Hotel
Theme: Hollywood!

My husband & I planned to go as Darth Vader and Queen Amidala (it's the fierce versions of Anikin Skywalker and PadMe). For the Vader costume, it wasn't really hard pull it all together. The mask/helmet, as predicted, will be the center of attention. As for me, I looked and searched for the perfect and easiest Queen Amidala costume.

I was already losing hope in finding. Buying the materials to make one is going to be expensive. In the middle of the week, my husband helped me find and finally somebody gave us a referral where to rent costumes of all kind. Immediately, I went and when I got there...It was heaven full of options. My problem was solved, all I have to do, is find the right one. I opted for the black Queen get up. It's the easiest actually. As I was putting the costume together , I found out that someone got the only head piece available. I felt bad. (andun na e, buo na sana). But then, it was also a chance for me to be creative and think of an alternative to make my head-part look like an authentic Amidala.
Here's what I've done...Not a carbon copy, but close.
Other characters who made the list:
Capt. Jack Sparrow
A (not the) White Chick, Legally Blonde
The Flash
The Ghostbusters

Bumble Bee (yes a crafty person was able to make a camaro costume)

It was a night of bottomless booze, food and pure fun!
More Photos HERE
Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!
Big, Warm Hugs!

Blog Hibernation Over The Weekend

18 December 2008

This will be quick. It's a very busy weekend for me. Actually, this week has been very hectic already. Be back cheking-in your sites sunday :) For my thoughtful friends leaving their warmest messages in my cbox, thanks and I promise to visit back a.s.a.p.
I will sure try to post a Toy Hunt entry. Don't wanna miss it. :)
Have a great & blessed weekend in advance everyone!
Big Hugs!


17 December 2008

A Mother's Heart Reflects God's--- Comfort
As one whom her Mother comforts, so You will comfort me; and I shall be comforted.
- Isaiah 66:13-

God does not comfort us to make us comfortable, but to make us comforters.
-John Henry Jowett-

I just read a blog entry from one of my blogmates. Read here.

Parenting brought a lot of change in me as an individual and as a wife. I never thought I will come to a point where I will completely forget about myself just to give way, "comfort" to my child/family. As an old Filipino saying goes "Isusubo mo na lang, ibibigay mo pa". And yes, it humbled me to appreciate my life's over-all purpose. I found one of the meanings I'm looking for.

My Promise: Being one of God's comforters...

Laughing Stock of The Day

16 December 2008

Tagged and Invited by Niko. I was with some of my friends in this photo. I had to crop it, they might not like the idea of me, posting it.
So here I am with my brutally murdered bangs in highschool.
A friend posted some of our old pictures on his website. This
was one of my favorites. Really funny. My first time to share one of my super personal moments here on Blogger. Thanks again Niko! This is a fun tag. Something different from the ususal Q&A.

I'll have to tag Eds, SwwetyTots, Beth, Isabelle, Jhari

*it's ok if you don't do the tag. But it's fun!!!
Big Hugs!

The Hubby Tag---edited

Thanks to Beth & Niko for opening this tag to their bloglisters.
This was set to know more about our partners...
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine New, Manila QC

Can you remember the day you first met your hubby?

Saturday, at my house. He is my brother's friend, and I invited him (just to be able to meet him in person). Of all my brother's friends, he is the only one I haven't met yet that time. If I can only post some photos. 2 days after this event I lost the negatives and I couldn't find any of the pictures.

When was that? (doesn’t have to be specific)
My 21st birthday.

First impression.
Deep, Mysterious and Intelligent.

Were you attracted to him?
Yes. I was attracted. He speaks very good english. The conversation was intense and full of life. I can say, The main attraction was both physical and intellectual.

Were you friends before he became your bf?
Yes. We were friends, but not really that long. The relationship went through the usual process. Friends, dating, then making it official.

What was the sweetest thing he did for you?
Every little and big thing was the sweetest. It may look OA but, it is true, everything he had done for me is always the sweetest. "Anything to make my wife happy" are always the uttered words. On my part, I make sure that he is well pampered.

In terms of gifts. My birthday present was the best/ sweetest. He was very hesitant on getting a DSLR. And all the months, of me waiting and convincing him to buy, it was already a "YES" at the back of his mind. He was just waiting for the occasion (my birthday)to come, so he can finally give it to me.

What are the things about him that you are thankful for?
He is the only man I know who is good in making surprises. Like literally, he will surprise me with things I long for the most. And not only that, sometimes pranks, last minute parties and events. And it is such a wonderful thing when the man of your life gives you moments which you will definitely cherish and enjoy. Right now, I don't have any idea what's in store for me, from him on Christmas. I know he wrapped something (sweet!) And the anticipation is killing me! The effort alone, is already joyous for me.
I will also tag the nice people from my blogroll. Enjoy!
Big Hugs!