Color Child

29 October 2015

Aside from cooking and baking, one of my past times is some fun time with coloring books. Coloring has always been there since I was a kid. My mom loves to color and it's one of the things I shared with her and inspired me to join Art Club in school. Through the years, both me and my mom has been buying coloring books even if its more for kids.

So when the adult coloring books came out, we got really excited. I mean, this time, the drawings are more for our age. I like floral patterns more than anything else, but I still opted to get the coloring book which has all the patterns. I saw several themed adult coloring books, but the drawings didn't really catch my attention. If not too small, there was just too much going on.
There are several adult coloring books being sold in almost every bookstore and gift shop. Most of them costs from 350- 500php. But when I went to the SM Store, I found a bunch for just 150php each. Let's see... same patterns, the size is just right, not too big, not too small. A book contains several drawings from florals, mandalas, animals and random patterns... why not, feels like I hit the jackpot!
Whatever coloring book you're using, the important thing in this whole experience is to meet the purpose. Coloring has become a therapeutic thing for me. It relaxes and gives me a chance to become a kid again even by heart. I found a coloring material fit for my age, but it doesn't mean I'll let go of the old- fashioned kid's coloring book.
This is my 5th floral pattern: I call it the "flower child with a rock n' roll soul"--- I got the caption online, which also inspired the title for this post. My husband told me that it reminds him of a Jimi Hendrix concert.

24 Maped Color'Peps 185php

It's A Shorts Thing

28 October 2015

I'm a woman of shorts. I wear shorts almost everyday and anywhere I go. In some countries, we see jackets, sweaters and jeans as staple items. Here in the Philippines we have shorts. It's a tropical country, so we wear light clothing most of the time and with style.

When it comes to choices, I always go for the basic. Black, white, beige and denim. It's a must to have at least 1 pair for each, but I want to add navy in my line for a change. Just yesterday, I was browsing online for designs and styles. Zalora has a wide selection of casual wear that's also super stylish. A good pair can make the simplest design and style the most fashionable. I can mix and match shorts with almost anything.

On a personal note, I always wear shorts because I can move around with my kids in tow. I mean, having 2 boys around requires so much running, walking and jumping. I really feel easy and relaxed when wearing shorts more than anything else especially when traveling. My family loves going on road trips and quick getaways. Not only that a good pair of shorts is the most comfortable to wear, but it's also one of the lightest things to pack. I often pair it with flats, sandals, sneakers and even a Brogue inspired leather shoes.
My birth month is near, it's that time when I go shopping for new clothes, shoes and accessories. One of the things I look forward to is a new batch of shorts that I can use for the next summer and for the rest of the year.

This Blog Is Active

05 October 2015

I just remembered, a few months ago, I received an email from an old blogger pal. We were both part of the original line up of mom bloggers years ago. 

Years ago was when Entrecard still exist, you make drops and visits, when bloggers give each other awards, when Memes were super in and when PR ranking matters big time. This mommy blogger who emailed me was surprised that I'm still "blogging" and haven't lost touch. 

The only change I've made on this site is the title, the look and the amount of posts I make. But overall, everything else is the same. My side bar is still there with the disclosure and pr ranking. I have my archives and search engine ready. Since I'm already on this topic, may I also share that a few readers emailed me and asked why I don't have a Facebook page for my bogs. Actually they were also encouraging me to put up one (a Facebook page). Having 2 blogs is enough for me. I'm happy and there's this sense of contentment with what I already have. It's serving its main purpose that's why.

This weekend, I was able to find time to check on some things for both my personal and food blog.  I went through my blog list or links of my fellow bloggers and websites that I like. Apparently, a lot has changed this past years. Out of 120 (just an estimate) links, only 15 remained active.

Most sites doesn't exist anymore and some are inactive (last post was dated 3-4 years ago) something like that. Part of the 15 active links survived because of advertisements, sponsors and promos, the rest are still running through real posts.

Whatever the reasons are why blogging per se is slowly fading away, I have full respect to those who got into it and shared their stories with us, same to those who are still posting about their ongoing journey and articles that really make sense.

Blogging is already part of my life so it would be difficult to just let it go especially when I look at it as a form of outlet for my thoughts and feelings. You'll definitely see more from me. The only thing that's in- between me and posting are my added responsibilities as a parent. But that can be taken cared of, just like now, I'm able to blog. Through the years I've grown in this system, when a blog has a personal touch to it, one can make posts freely but comes with great responsibility.

7 Years Ago, 7 Years After

7 years ago, I was placed in a position when and where I needed to do change for some reason that I felt I was underestimated. I thought that I must get out of my old self and start a new life as the very same person but much firmer. Firm. Why firm? I was known in my previous life as a happy- go- lucky or more of a carefree person. I used to be somebody whom you can throw stuff at and go head to head with and become the winner. With that, I chose to become firmer because being vulnerable is a weakness of mine. I don't fight back, I remain quiet at all times.

Like I said, I needed to make that change, and that change inspired me to let myself out of the box and share with everyone how I've become stronger, wiser and how parenthood played a big part in this new journey.

This month, Xtraordinarymom will turn 7 years old. The account was officially created in 2007 but the blog itself started running in 2008. Everything went so fast, so much stories was shared and so much memories were treasured.

The "true meaning" of blogging was a great factor to who I am now. I look at blogging as a form of self- expression "with or without readers". I make posts because this serves as my journal, an online journal more than a monetary resource or a  strategic way of getting a name out there. 

I stay at home 6 days in a week and maybe 18 hours a day. I am a full- time mother. I do everything myself, and my social life goes around some close friends but most of the time, my family. So imagine if I didn't have a close relationship with my siblings and my parents, plus the no. of hours and days I stay at home... that's nerve wracking! But thank God,  I'm still able to balance things out, that's when blogging will come in and also because I have a supportive family and a bunch of friends.

Blogging became the bridge on showing my true self and the changes I've made. I like it because I feel that I'm respected even more. Whatever is my approach here, that's exactly the very same individual you'll meet in person by the way.

As the years passed, I've made fewer articles. Life has become busier.

My children are growing and both me and my husband wanted to spend more time with our kids. In 2 years, I'll have a teenager and I am very excited to witness and experience that milestone with my son.

The next thing for me and my husband is to run a business of our own. We just thought that while we're young we should come up with something that will last beyond the corporate world. I've been quiet about it. We're aiming for 2 businesses. I've already started a pastry business some 3 months ago and I now have a bestseller. 3 months is a short period and it's still a small thing, but being able to come up with a food business on my own is something special I can grow it even more. The next is on its way.

6 months ago, my family have officially moved to our new home. 3 months ago, I started a business and still expanding. And in 2 years, I'll be entering a new phase in parenthood. My life has gone from- seriously? to- wow that's something! to- that's amazing!