7 Years Ago, 7 Years After

05 October 2015

7 years ago, I was placed in a position when and where I needed to do change for some reason that I felt I was underestimated. I thought that I must get out of my old self and start a new life as the very same person but much firmer. Firm. Why firm? I was known in my previous life as a happy- go- lucky or more of a carefree person. I used to be somebody whom you can throw stuff at and go head to head with and become the winner. With that, I chose to become firmer because being vulnerable is a weakness of mine. I don't fight back, I remain quiet at all times.

Like I said, I needed to make that change, and that change inspired me to let myself out of the box and share with everyone how I've become stronger, wiser and how parenthood played a big part in this new journey.

This month, Xtraordinarymom will turn 7 years old. The account was officially created in 2007 but the blog itself started running in 2008. Everything went so fast, so much stories was shared and so much memories were treasured.

The "true meaning" of blogging was a great factor to who I am now. I look at blogging as a form of self- expression "with or without readers". I make posts because this serves as my journal, an online journal more than a monetary resource or a  strategic way of getting a name out there. 

I stay at home 6 days in a week and maybe 18 hours a day. I am a full- time mother. I do everything myself, and my social life goes around some close friends but most of the time, my family. So imagine if I didn't have a close relationship with my siblings and my parents, plus the no. of hours and days I stay at home... that's nerve wracking! But thank God,  I'm still able to balance things out, that's when blogging will come in and also because I have a supportive family and a bunch of friends.

Blogging became the bridge on showing my true self and the changes I've made. I like it because I feel that I'm respected even more. Whatever is my approach here, that's exactly the very same individual you'll meet in person by the way.

As the years passed, I've made fewer articles. Life has become busier.

My children are growing and both me and my husband wanted to spend more time with our kids. In 2 years, I'll have a teenager and I am very excited to witness and experience that milestone with my son.

The next thing for me and my husband is to run a business of our own. We just thought that while we're young we should come up with something that will last beyond the corporate world. I've been quiet about it. We're aiming for 2 businesses. I've already started a pastry business some 3 months ago and I now have a bestseller. 3 months is a short period and it's still a small thing, but being able to come up with a food business on my own is something special I can grow it even more. The next is on its way.

6 months ago, my family have officially moved to our new home. 3 months ago, I started a business and still expanding. And in 2 years, I'll be entering a new phase in parenthood. My life has gone from- seriously? to- wow that's something! to- that's amazing!

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