Color Child

29 October 2015

Aside from cooking and baking, one of my past times is some fun time with coloring books. Coloring has always been there since I was a kid. My mom loves to color and it's one of the things I shared with her and inspired me to join Art Club in school. Through the years, both me and my mom has been buying coloring books even if its more for kids.

So when the adult coloring books came out, we got really excited. I mean, this time, the drawings are more for our age. I like floral patterns more than anything else, but I still opted to get the coloring book which has all the patterns. I saw several themed adult coloring books, but the drawings didn't really catch my attention. If not too small, there was just too much going on.
There are several adult coloring books being sold in almost every bookstore and gift shop. Most of them costs from 350- 500php. But when I went to the SM Store, I found a bunch for just 150php each. Let's see... same patterns, the size is just right, not too big, not too small. A book contains several drawings from florals, mandalas, animals and random patterns... why not, feels like I hit the jackpot!
Whatever coloring book you're using, the important thing in this whole experience is to meet the purpose. Coloring has become a therapeutic thing for me. It relaxes and gives me a chance to become a kid again even by heart. I found a coloring material fit for my age, but it doesn't mean I'll let go of the old- fashioned kid's coloring book.
This is my 5th floral pattern: I call it the "flower child with a rock n' roll soul"--- I got the caption online, which also inspired the title for this post. My husband told me that it reminds him of a Jimi Hendrix concert.

24 Maped Color'Peps 185php

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