What's Your Rockstud?

28 August 2015

First of all and in all honesty, I seldom look into designer brands simply because I feel it's too much for me as a stay at home mom. But for some reason, I got attracted with Valentino Garavani's Rockstud collection. I see a lot of these from our local entertainers and boy they really look good and classy. So if I were to choose my Rockstud pair, I will go for a strappy flat sandals.

Okay, let me dream even just for awhile...

image (Instagram)
I came across this image on Instagram. I fell in love with these sandals in an instant. I prefer the red one, but any shade will do as long as it's a flat sandal. I like sandals and flats because it's the most comfortable especially if you have kids and it can go with any outfit. This is perfect if you want to be stylish and functional at the same time.
Rockstud Rouge flat sandal
This particular design fits my over- all personality.  "Simple lang, pero Rock!" (giggle!)

It's worth almost $1000, so now back to dreaming...

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