Transforming our Balcony

28 August 2015

Personally, I want our balcony to look and feel cozy. This is a slow transformation, because the things that I want to put are very expensive considering that it's made for any type of weather condition. It's meant to last in short. As always, I got ideas from Pinterest. I found a couple of pictures and I kinda combined everything. The original plan was to come up with something inspired by the image below.
Since our country gets more rain than sun, we opted to get a rainproof patio set. I got our patio set from S&R, it's a Keter 3-piece Bistro Set for 6,000php. Keter has a nice selection of  outdoor furniture. 

The next on my list are wooden planks as flooring. This is the expensive part. A 4-piece set of wooden square flooring is 1,700php. I need 6 sets to cover "at least" half of the balcony. The wooden flooring is also made for outdoor purposes so no fading and rotting will happen. We're hoping to get the flooring done before the year ends or just in time for Christmas. Anyway, there's no need to rush, we have all the time, this balcony is ours!

This is what we have accomplished so far. I just want to have an accent corner where I can put my herbs and plants. Imagine it with the wooden flooring more on the side where the 2 plants are. But friends who already visited us are happy and satisfied with the present set up of our balcony. 
The plants came from my parents. They were really small when I got them, and its all grown now. I used to have a potted Basil but unfortunately, with the recent storm, the strong wind bent the whole stem, it didn't recover so I returned it to my mom for some care.

I water my plants twice a day (early in the morning and late in the afternoon). It actually depends. Lately, I let the rain do the job on watering my plants.
The door to the balcony is see- through. Most residents prefer to cover this door with blinds or curtain. As for me, I want it to be open, I just have a roll- up blind ready if the sun is really out. The purpose why I want things to be visible is to get a glimpse of the life outside our home. It's a condo, but I still want it to function like a house. I just feel that we need to let some light in once in a while. I mean, from our dining area, it's so relaxing just staring at my plants, it is very refreshing. True enough, when we were visited by the management, they instantly loved our set up. It's different and something new to their eyes.

 If you plan to buy a condo, I suggest that you invest on a unit that has a balcony. The balcony will serve as your front or backyard where you can still garden and do some sky watching. It can also be a breakfast nook, or just a place where one can spend some quiet time.

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