The Value of a Balikbayan Box...

24 August 2015

I don't want to post about this but I think I need to voice out my thoughts on the issue since my family is a recipient of Balikbayan boxes. We don't get Balikbayan boxes as often like most families, but a box is surely important to us. Our relatives abroad would send a box just so they can give us gifts in time for the Holiday Season. Whatever is sent to us, everything is for family use and mostly for the kids.

My concern with this issue is all about respect, privacy and security. 

1. There's a reason why our items are boxed and tightly sealed. I'll assume that anybody in this world will never allow any person to go through their things ( big or small) without permission. We're just looking at things at a wider scale in this issue.

2. Anything that's inside the box is owned by a private individual.

3. Once you open a box, you've already stepped on our rights, our privacy and our individuality as receivers and most of all, you've disregarded & degraded the hard work and sentimental reasons of our loved ones who worked hard for those goods.

4. Contraband? what are the probability that somebody will put drugs or even firearms in a carton box which will also be processed within the United States or country of origin.  Okay, let's be realistic, it's a possibility. But I'm sorry, I just don't see it to be the main cause/ reason of this sudden fiasco. There are bigger fishes out there! Well, not unless those sharks are your comrades.

Even if the BOC says that our items are going to be safe, I mean come on Mr. Lina, are you going to be there during the process and inspection of each box? (wish ko lang!) Kaya nga ayaw pabuksan kasi ang dami ng nawawalan. And don't say that BOC is not going to be responsible for any loses. Why can't you be responsible?  You guys wanted this in the first place. A box is a treasure chest to those longing to taste what "they think" is good, new and simply anything imported. Clearly, you'll be answerable once a box is opened.

The box that was sent to us in 2013 was delayed by a month from the time it was expected to arrive at our doorsteps because we were told that BOC was holding it. Our box was just there and BOC wasn't releasing it. (Ano hinihintay ninyo, lagay from the forwarding company?) We trust our forwarding company it's BOC we don't trust.

5. During former President Ferdinand Marcos' time, and I learned about this just now, those Balikbayan boxes were "tariff- free" for OFWs and the next Presidents respected that in honor of our Heroes abroad.

There are more serious problems that needs attention. There are mouths to feed, victims of disasters that needs help, traffic is terrible and getting worse, crime rate has gone up, employment rate has gone down and so on... Fix these problems first.

This government made things from bad to worse. A lot was lost, including lives because of your ignorance and stupidity. Now you want to concentrate on how to earn money from Balikbayan boxes? Why? is it because the "Ber" months are coming? and more people will send boxes? or is it because 2016 is just a few winks away?

The problem with the administration is they like to change things. Things that's already been functioning well, processes that has already made our lives easier. They like "change" to make a name for themselves regardless on who are they going to step on and what they're going to disrupt. This government is very one- sided. Can't we be functional by doing something smart and will benefit the Filipino people?

You want reality? my basis here is my everyday function as a homemaker. I go out everyday to bring my son to school, run errands, buy food, commute and all that. With what I've experienced for the past 5 years:  I feel so unsafe, there's no sense of security, I felt betrayed with what was going on around me.
I rode the MRT just recently with my 2 kids... "Diyos ko po!" 
I renewed my Driver's License: I got my card after 4 months. 
We renewed our car's registration: "sorry no plate available". 
Gas prices will go down by 1php but will increase by 5.
Even garlic and sugar are being hoarded.
We're basically a big landfill for some country and we're letting them get away with it. 
More street kids begging for "money".
Loads of families who doesn't have homes.

People are more desperate, furious and impatient. "The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer".
It wasn't like this 11 years ago when I ventured on having a family of my own. Yes, the previous Presidents stole money, they're as evil as the devil, but hell they  made sure that the people were "at least" given what they needed and what they deserved. And they weren't pointing fingers by the way. Sending those 3 Senators to jail is useless if the remaining 80 million are still hungry, sick and lost. 
In the end, no matter how dirty the system is, it's what you have given/ contributed to improve the lives and well- being of  the Filipino people that will always matter.

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