Change A Little Of What We Do

16 July 2015

Note to self:

Yeah, I've been very busy since school began last June. Well, even if we've kinda "officially moved- in", we are still adjusting. I gotta be honest, once I step outside, it's chaos. Traffic is worse, dirt is everywhere, I don't feel secure at all. You see, our country has gotten worse for the past 5 years.

Anyway, I didn't make this post to rant about that, but put everything on top of each other including my daily routine, errands, adjustments and a whirlwind of nonsense going on in the streets, all you get in return is stress.

I am very much into multitasking. For some it's bad, but for me, it's good especially as a stay at home mom. It depends on the outlook of a person. But for some reason, just recently, first time it happened to me, I just gave up.  Well, I got sick.

So again...
It's good to change a little of what we do everyday. It's healthy and makes life less boring. Our new home kinda gave me that vibe. I am thankful to do some changes. At the same time, I am also free to go back to what I'm used to. That's one blessing right over there, I can be anywhere I want to be, I can do anything in my own perfect timing. Life's good.

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