We Now Have A Sunset

02 April 2015

Hello there! It took some time to be able to post something again. Well, we have officially moved- in our new home that's why. Here's one of the blessings I would like to share with you... We all love to capture and watch the sun as it sets. Personally, it is one of the things I look forward to every time I go the beach or just plainly when I get a chance to see one at any location. We see it everyday, the sun doesn't go anywhere, but it continues to amaze me.

When we were in the process of choosing a condo unit,  the first thing I told my husband was to have our balcony facing where the sun sets. Our location is deep in the city, so it's expected to have buildings and roofs in the background. But once the sun shines with all its glory before it sets, the hue , the tint, the shade, name it! is incredible... playing with the shadows of the buildings.

I gotta say, when the sun goes down, it is also the only time we can really see the beauty of it. But of course it's not advisable to really stare at it. But you see, during sunset, we can see the different side of this fiery ball. It's much cooler, the shape is more distinct and the color is more enhanced, true reasons why it's often captured on photographs. It brings a certain calmness which keeps a person in awe of this gift forever.

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