Box Of Happy: Origami Owl

16 April 2015

This is one of the most treasured gifts I received during the Holiday Season last year. A set of Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. 

Rose Gold Twist Linking Locket with Crystals
Rose Gold Twist Living Locket with a Rose Gold 24" Mini Curb Chain 
Charms that represent my 3 boys and of course myself. Crystals are by Swarovski by the way.

My mother-in-law never fails to let me know how special I am to her. That's exactly how I feel with every gift she would send, with every prayer and kind words she would utter. We're oceans apart and yet with a simple remembrance it brings us closer to each other.

Bella the founder of Origami Owl achieved her goal and the purpose of this jewelry line--- to fulfill dreams and be an inspiration to others. Personally, I've strengthened my connection, my relationship with the mother of who I'm married and whom I will love forever. 
To choose the Charms that represents the initials of the important people in my life is something meaningful. Because Mama truly knows that my world goes around my family, my 3 boys. I've met my purpose of becoming a mother and a wife.
Through this gift, my love for Rose Gold has blossomed. Such elegant pieces yet simple enough to be paired with anything and be worn at any event.

The Rose Gold Twist Linking Locket with Crystals didn't come with any chain or strap. It's common that we get a chain to match, but when I followed Origami Owl on Instagram I saw that the linking locket is often paired with a Genuine Leather Wrap Bracelet, which is pretty cool and I'm talking about those lockets with crystals. So I went to The Bead Shop, a store here in the Philippines that's famous for custom made accessories. I had a braided strap made for the linking locket. I can have it changed anytime by the way. With just a strap, it won't be too catchy but still irresistible to look at.
My Charms play around the 2 lockets. But recently, I chose to wear Mama Mary close to my heart.  The pendant of Mama Mary came from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Lipa City. It is a very small pendant, it's blessed and it's very special to me for all the miracles and good times that's being poured over my family. 

You see, with these lockets, I get to share my faith as well...

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