The 2 Turntables

28 April 2015

As promised from my post turntable is love, here is an image of our 2 turntables together. The following day, after posting the article to this blog, my husband surprised me with a Satchmi Motorino Mk. II and a vinyl of Taylor Swift's 1989 album. Love!love!love!

I thought that it will take weeks or even months to get a Satchmi Motorino, I mean, we still do need to save up for it. But here it is...
I won't go into details for now. I'll make a separate post about this product, it's specifications and include a video as well. I'm still trying to get a hang of it because even if it's new, just the idea that turntables and vinyls are sensitive or  fragile, extra care is a must. Once I'm fully comfortable handling it, I guess that's the only time that I'll be able to discover more of this music player.
My very first vinyl is Taylor Swift's 1989, I just love it! Now saving for the next worthy one.

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