Having A Turntable Is Love

15 April 2015

I grew up listening to vinyls because my parents had a 1980s VTG SONY TURNTABLE CASSETTE PLAYER RECORDER COMBO EX-2K (photo to follow). It's still with them but it's not working anymore because it was mistakenly plugged in the wrong outlet.

Here's what I get for having a husband who's a musician. Early last year we purchased a second hand turntable. As planned, we've been itching to buy one for our new condo. Anyway, having a turntable brings music to our home on a different level.

The vintage sound makes everything peaceful and calm.

We got our turntable from a collector who just happen to be my husband's office mate. He chose to sell his turntable to my husband because he knows that he is a musician. Well, somebody who's expected to appreciate these things and will really spend time on anything related to music. This office mate of his is a collector of turntables and vinyls. Aside from entrusting one of his priced possessions, he also shared some thoughts on how turntables and vinyls work. 

Turntables are back. Vinyl shops, thrift stores are making some noise for old and new record albums. We buy our vinyls from The Grey Market Records. From Jaco Pastorious, Pat Metheny, Nat King Cole, Stan Getz. They have a wide selection for a very reasonable price. We still go to some shops that sell second hand vinyl records, but one should be patient while going through piles and piles of vinyls.

Well, the old ones are considered vintage and should be handled with great care.

Moving forward, having an 1980s Sony turntable is a great start in knowing what this machine can artistically do. When I was a kid, all I hear was plain sound. It comes in one ear and comes out to the other. Now, I can really appreciate the music that vinyl records can produce. It is indeed a timeless materpiece.

We plan on expanding so that we can preserve the 1980s turntable we have and that's when Satchmi Motorino will come in. It's sleeker, stylish, it's modern but once it starts playing, it will automatically take you back in time whether you're listening to new music or not. My husband took me to Satchmi, 4F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall so that I can choose the Motorino I like. It's perfect, because I intend to buy a much newer set of vinyls like Taylor Swift's 1989 album and Adele's.

I'll post a photo of the 2 turntables together once we have the Motorino.

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