The Magic of Shopping Online

24 February 2014

One of the things that I love doing nowadays is online shopping. For a full time mother like me, shopping online is considered a great gift. With less time spent to go out to even at least window shop, I find great value with the more convenient way brought about by modern technology. Especially the availability of coupons and vouchers which is easier to get online. May it be for clothes, shoes or bags, restaurants, hotels, travel/ getaways. But often times, I shop for the small things I need which I can't find where I'm located. Some cosmetics, accessories and as of now, I'm in search of a new fragrance.
Philosophy is a brand that approaches personal care from a skin care point of view, while celebrating the beauty of the human spirit.--- Philosophy is one of the trusted products I use. Pure Grace by Philosophy is just a click away.  With a toddler around, I need something that's light and refreshing.

Before, I go to a certain shop in the mall just to get a small bottle or 2 which are more expensive compared to the ones being offered online.  In a regular department store, they do offer discounts. But most of the time, it's for certain brands only or the ones they want to get rid of.

Online, I often get discount coupons that offers at least 10-20% off. Plus, I get to choose from a wide range of products.

It's different when one is able to buy what he or she really needs for a lesser price thanks for discounts and meet zealvouchers that makes online shopping easier and fun.

Joining the CASIO Craze

14 February 2014

Tables are turned and it's back! I must admit, it took me quite sometime to finally get a hold of my own Casio "vintage" or let's say "retro" watch. It took me a long time because I had to look for the right one for me. I've seen a lot of Casios online, mostly are for men. Well, the famous ones back in the 80's are really for guys.

I wanted something not so "manly", nothing too flashy or fancy- looking and at the same time, a watch that still has that "vintage effect".
Casio Ladies Mid-Size Silver Tone Digital Retro Watch LA-680
Model Year 2013
Got it for $36 from Amazon original price was at $55. Then, my husband added his own choice of Casio. Usually, we bring our brand new watches to a reliable shop to have the watches adjusted. With the Casios--- perfect fit.
Casio Ladies Mid-Size Silver Tone Digital Retro Watch LA-680 and Casio Men's A178
Casio F-108WH
All of a sudden, it's raining Casios! My husband's cousin gave him a Casio too as one of his pasalubongs for him. I got to say, these watches goes well with any outfit. My husband wore this blue Casio to work in business attire, coolest combination ever. Even his co-workers noticed the ensemble and they love it.

Online Library

13 February 2014

One of the gifts of the internet are free books online. I'm not much of a reader, a "bookworm". But I am very particular of the titles I want to get my hands on to read. It doesn't have to be a novel or a bestseller, anything of my interest or anything where I can gain additional knowledge from is worth reading. Most of the books I get to see are useful for my everyday life as a mother and wife.

One of the things that got my interest recently is to study the over- all functionality of our old Honda Civic. For every visit we make to the car shop for it's annual check- up and maintenance, I learn a thing or two. Since it's an old car, the availability of grabbing a car manual is as hard as looking for an old radiator cap.

I turn to online books in cases like these. The manuals I get are as authentic as holding the actual car manual. It becomes more convenient if the file is viewed from a tablet or at least a laptop. From there, I can actually compare the car parts by looking at the free books then see the subject itself. 

From here, you'll be able to gauge the advantages of online books. For some, text books, reference books or a visit to the library is still better. But for most, people find convenience in online books. 

There are online libraries that has its own e-reader for easy access. From there, you can browse any e- book online, most are for free and downloadable. Like any library, it offers general information texts or classic literature, a comprehensive collection of materials.

Best for travel, space saver, cheaper and comes with proper lighting. Basically, if you are in need of important information or for leisure reading, an online book is just a click away.

February Is Family Month

 We have been very busy since the last week of January. It's that of the year when some close relatives both from my husband's and my side of the family comes home for a vacation. It's that time of the year which we also find as the merriest aside from Christmas because we get to spend time with the people we seldom see.

This year, we're happy to be reunited with individuals whom we haven't seen in 2 or maybe 3 years time... Their short visit made February as the "love month" not only for lovers  but also for families simply because we're graced to be with our loved ones.

Our family reunion started with the visit of my godmother, sister of my dad from New Jersey. Her visit this year is a bit extraordinary because it's her first time to see my parents' new house. Her last visit was in 2009, we were still living in the old house then. My parents' hosted lunch as we also held the yearly blessing of the house with our other relatives.
 Here: My dad and his sisters
Before my Aunt's arrival a family friend who is also our neighbor came from America. It's been more than 5 years since her last visit. As part of the family, we invited her in every get together we had. We also invited her to join our usual girl bonding, brought her to Mom & Tina's.
A week back my husband's cousin came home with his family, also from America. We got a room in the very same hotel where they checked-in so we can spend quality time. My husband and his cousin grew up together as brothers and as best friends. This visit of his cousin is very important to us because of the bond they share.
We still have the whole month to spend time together. Please bear if I leave you hanging with this short entry. More stories to come in the next weeks or maybe the next month. As of the moment, we've been planning and planning, part of that are activities also fit for the kids and the mommies.