February Is Family Month

13 February 2014

 We have been very busy since the last week of January. It's that of the year when some close relatives both from my husband's and my side of the family comes home for a vacation. It's that time of the year which we also find as the merriest aside from Christmas because we get to spend time with the people we seldom see.

This year, we're happy to be reunited with individuals whom we haven't seen in 2 or maybe 3 years time... Their short visit made February as the "love month" not only for lovers  but also for families simply because we're graced to be with our loved ones.

Our family reunion started with the visit of my godmother, sister of my dad from New Jersey. Her visit this year is a bit extraordinary because it's her first time to see my parents' new house. Her last visit was in 2009, we were still living in the old house then. My parents' hosted lunch as we also held the yearly blessing of the house with our other relatives.
 Here: My dad and his sisters
Before my Aunt's arrival a family friend who is also our neighbor came from America. It's been more than 5 years since her last visit. As part of the family, we invited her in every get together we had. We also invited her to join our usual girl bonding, brought her to Mom & Tina's.
A week back my husband's cousin came home with his family, also from America. We got a room in the very same hotel where they checked-in so we can spend quality time. My husband and his cousin grew up together as brothers and as best friends. This visit of his cousin is very important to us because of the bond they share.
We still have the whole month to spend time together. Please bear if I leave you hanging with this short entry. More stories to come in the next weeks or maybe the next month. As of the moment, we've been planning and planning, part of that are activities also fit for the kids and the mommies.

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