Joining the CASIO Craze

14 February 2014

Tables are turned and it's back! I must admit, it took me quite sometime to finally get a hold of my own Casio "vintage" or let's say "retro" watch. It took me a long time because I had to look for the right one for me. I've seen a lot of Casios online, mostly are for men. Well, the famous ones back in the 80's are really for guys.

I wanted something not so "manly", nothing too flashy or fancy- looking and at the same time, a watch that still has that "vintage effect".
Casio Ladies Mid-Size Silver Tone Digital Retro Watch LA-680
Model Year 2013
Got it for $36 from Amazon original price was at $55. Then, my husband added his own choice of Casio. Usually, we bring our brand new watches to a reliable shop to have the watches adjusted. With the Casios--- perfect fit.
Casio Ladies Mid-Size Silver Tone Digital Retro Watch LA-680 and Casio Men's A178
Casio F-108WH
All of a sudden, it's raining Casios! My husband's cousin gave him a Casio too as one of his pasalubongs for him. I got to say, these watches goes well with any outfit. My husband wore this blue Casio to work in business attire, coolest combination ever. Even his co-workers noticed the ensemble and they love it.

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