Words of Comfort From The Woman Who Inspires Me The Most...

27 June 2012

Prior to this, I made an entry with regards to certain individuals that were very rude mocking on another's work online. I removed the post as advised by my mom.

All she told me was... "Let go, continue what inspire you the most, these people are to be ignored. Because once you give-in or make a reaction to the rudeness of these people, you will only level yourself to the poor life they're undergoing. Their frustrations and their own ambitions blinding them with envy and grief.

For a moment there, I realized that yes, when I made that post as a form of defense I was eaten up  by one reality of life. "We can never get rid of certain people that has no other intention in the world but to look for mistakes". Thus, in order to live on with dignity and uplifting prowess, one should just play around these individuals who badly needs help in finding inner peace for themselves.

I am really thankful to have that short but fruitful conversation with my mom... Now, I'm more inspired than ever.

Thank you Mom...