Falling Into Right Places

03 July 2012

The ball will officially start rolling... what does it mean if you're to ask. Well, for sometime now, my husband and I have been preparing for one of the biggest investments we'll ever make for our family. It all starts by moving to a new place. In our 8 years of being married, we have moved 3 times. I got to say, it has become our thing and yes, we're getting tired of it. So a couple of years back, we decided to cut on a lot of things to be able to save. All I can say right now is that, yes, we're headed for that direction and so far, all of our prayers have been getting answers as if everything was planned perfectly for us and now we're executing the plan.
It did take a lot of sacrifices on our part as parents and as a person. I for one, gave up on the things that I like. Things that a woman would want, stuff that every girl will enjoy. As a couple, one of things we passed on are several travel opportunities. At first it was a bit hard, but now it's different. We are very grateful for the strength given to us so we can endure these sacrifices. The feeling is unexplainable, we're just happy and excited because we're going to finally achieve our dream as a family. 

Anyway, it might take a while for me to get back on my blogs because I'm going to be busy preparing for our new home.
Not only that, my 2  boys has been keeping me occupied. I mean just last month, Mikee sat by himself and Franky is already in grade school, and with Mikee again, just yesterday, he tried to stand by himself. All these milestones of our family are my building blocks as a mother and food for my soul as a person. I'm in a state of ecstacy. I am just happy and grateful for the life given to me...

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Chris said...

i am so glad to know that everything is falling into place enchie! :) God bless you and your family always!