My Say To BAYO's What's Your Mix? Controversy

08 June 2012

Racism is a very strong word. If it ought to be used, then the problem is big enough to create a wave of madness online. So I checked it out.
It's been all over the internet. It was even a headline for quite sometime. I'm affected because I shop in BAYO. My last retail therapy was from BAYO. I love their clothes. With the recent fiasco, I saw some strong and weak points that's why I made this post. 
Here's what I have on BAYO's What's Your Mix? controversy.

1. On my first look, I didn't find anything offensive. I saw the ad's goal and inner perspective. I know where the theme is coming from. The presentation was good like it's making me go to the nearest BAYO boutique to check their new items.

BUT... there's one thing which I found unnecessary.
2. The digits were ridiculous. Although we all know that the general population of Filipinos are mixed, it doesn't mean that the very same whole population doesn't mind if these type of ad campaigns are brought up. Still, there will be individuals who will take it as pure racism thinking that its only catering to the people of mixed racial ancestry and even associate it with them being rich and all. I know that the whole concept shows that anything mixed with "Filipino" or having "Filipino touch" in any form, is BEAUTIFUL, which is true. But BEAUTY must not be gauged whether you have a mixed blood line, if you're pure blooded, and even gauge it through ones financial capacity in life. We're all beautiful. 

It's more acceptable if the digits were not included. The focal point will go around the transition of BAYO as a Philippine brand getting known worldwide It's an extraordinary way of going global without hiring somebody famous internationally to wear your clothes.

Being 100% Filipino: We don't have to take things literally, like being pure by blood. We know that most of us are not. Being 100% Pinoy is growing up in the Philippines, embracing our culture, beliefs and traditions.

3. In my point of view, it would have been better and "safer" to have a Filipino model known to inspire Filipinos who can definitely stand for this local brand. After everything was presented, from being half Australian, African, Indian, Chinese...where's the true Filipina? What happened to KC Concepcion? Another good spokesperson is BAYO's former endorser Ms. Lea Salonga. For me, the whole ad campaign would have gotten support if they included a pure Filipina model as the highlight among the mixture presented.

What's important now is that BAYO's doing something to correct this, this, this mix and match thing. Maybe they can produce a better ad campaign  that will also reunite everyone's thoughts and feelings again.

Let me just clear something brought by this controversy. As I was going through some shout outs, I came across a comment from a blogger emphasizing or sighting (with conviction hehehe!) that Benetton is a hard example of racism. Benetton is not racism. "UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON" it brought all races together. It's exactly the opposite of racism that's how Benetton became successful in the first place.

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themommist said...

Nice post! True. We all have a mix in us somehow. It goes back during the colonization years. I think Bayo's one of the most patriotic PHL clothing brand. They never hired Hollywood actresses of international supermodels. Just a simple mix up with this ad. :)