Welcome To The Christian World Mikee!

08 June 2012

Here are the bits and pieces of a well celebrated occasion. It was an intimate gathering with our close friends and family. 
Welcome To The Christian World Mikee!
The name Mikee was derived from his first name Michael. There are 3 reasons why Michael.

1. I am a St. Michael the Archangel devotee, I truly believe in the power of his prayer.
2. My eldest son Franky was born on the feast of  St. Michael the Archangel.
3. In memory of my husband's younger brother named Michael who passed away a few days after he was born.
Our close friends graced us with their presence. Being able to celebrate with them is such a blessing. Most of them are the Godparents of Mikee.
The Baptismal Mass was short but it was filled with moments contemplating on the purpose of the Baptism, how sacred it is and the importance of our obligations to the Catholic Church and as parents. As always, my husband and I always make our celebrations simple yet worth remembering just like our wedding. Being in the presence of the people close to us and the people we love makes everything special. Lunch followed in a nearby Max's Restaurant.


Joy said...

Happy Christening baby Mikee!

You're a devotee of St Michael pala Enchie.

I started my devotions to the archangels only last week after I bought a novena to the archangels at Manaoag, Pangasinan. St. Michael is the archangel for Sunday.

Chatty said...

Welcome to the Christian world, baby Mikee!