Extraordinary Mother's Day Celebration 2012

24 May 2012

It's one of those Mother's Day celebration when my dad had to fly to some country for business. Aside for a get together at my parents' house, my dad sent me a message to prepare a small surprise for my mom on his behalf. The whole week, I was coordinating with my sisters on how to go about this surprise. So I told my siblings that whatever they have in mind, 2 important things should be present.
1. A mother's day cake.
 2. Roses for our Mom.

My husband and I took care of the flowers and my siblings bought the cake and my brother Ver added Chocolate Mousse from Becky's Kitchen.
I celebrated Mother's day with my mom but I didn't take the spot light away from her. As always mentioned in my yearly Mother's Day posts, Mother's Day will always be about the woman who brought me to this world. MOMMY! The kind-hearted Being who taught me the true essence and the simplest form of WOMANHOOD. My #1 mentor, adviser, inspiration and strength as I go through the journey of MOTHERHOOD myself.
My siblings and I had a separate celebration for our Mom. It sure is extra special, because we made her cry... We Love you Mommy!

As for me, I thought it was my birthday XD Thank you Adolf Cruz for a one of a kind celebration. This year's celebration was just extraordinary because I got a piece of my favorite food, not only once but throughout the day.
We started with Mom's Day breakfast in Banapple Connecticut Greenhills, Lunch with my favorite plate from Pinoy Toppings and ended our day with dinner at CityBuffet Robinsons Galleria.
But the highlight of Mother's Day 2012 was the new addition of the family my second son Mikee. This time, I celebrated with my "3" boys. The whole meaning of Mother's Day is to have my kids around.
Thanks to those who posted on my Facebook wall, for the warm text messages. I wasn't able to send everyone who greeted me a thank you message, let this entry cover for it. Hugs!

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Chatty said...

Lovely mother's day celebration!