The Infinite Avengers

09 May 2012

I am not a comic book person. But I get my knowledge about these things such as the Marvel Comics both from my husband and brother. I read a few strips of The Avengers when I was a kid. I got familiarized with The Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America with those "few strips".
My husband and I watched The Avengers on 3D at the Promenade in Greenhills. Like everyone else, we waited with great anticipation for it to finally hit the big screen. When the first Iron Man came out, my husband told me that Mavel just might do The Avengers. Well, thinking that The Hulk was released too, and with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) making some special appearances, they just might... and eventually, more superheroes were introduced through the years, including Captain America and Thor.
My husband and I were not the only ones who got into this whole Marvel phenomenon. Our eldest son Franky as well. We bought some videos of The Avengers for him to watch and enjoy. The so-called videos are cartoons of the original Avengers superheroes, which includes The Ant Man, Wasp and HawkEye.
The movie was very entertaining, fun, yet filled with action scenes. They did a great job with The Avengers. We watched it on a weekend and with the whole week of waiting, I've read several reviews and I can't believe that there were still unsatisfied movie goers. Most negative feedback I've read circulated on not giving justice to Black Widow's character and something about HawkEye and there's one who even said that it was an Iron Man movie. In other words, there weren't any balance among the characters. That's them and this is Us- Marvel fans. For me, it was a well-balanced flick. If I'm to play as Nick Fury, I would probably say: "everyone did their job and each met their purpose". I saw the realistic side of being a superhero--- if we have superheroes.

By the way, hats off to Mr. Mark Ruffalo, best portrayal of The Hulk.
To make this entry shorter. One of the things that got my attention was the teaser trailer at the end of the movie. In relation, my husband treated me to a good reading for my iPad. It's an awesome comic book, great while I waited for the time to see The Avengers movie. My husband told me that this particular Marvel Comic book might come in handy for the next Avengers.
And so it is...
Does this smile reminds you of someone or something? Think: The Avengers Teaser. That's right folks, it's THANOS! I say, there just "might" be something bigger, greater and powerful behind the next Avengers. 


Jona said...

As the common cliche, you can't make everyone happy. But I join you in this Ench, our whole family enjoyed the movie as well. And yes, we also think there's another one coming :)
our family



Joy said...

I love the Avengers movie! It was perfect for me. I think every character in the movie was given the chance to shine. I can't wait to watch the next Avengers.