Music to My Ears: Legendary Essentials

04 May 2012

Even if downloading is just a click away, my husband and I still prefer buying original cds of our favorite artists. My latest finds are copies of the people who made a great impact in the music industry both abroad and here in the Philippines. I accidentally found The Essential Michael Jackson in line of the other music legends such as: Miles Davis and Whitney Houston.. Michael Jackson is indeed a true legend.

The 2*in*1 Series FRANCISM was an extraordinary find. We weren't expecting that it was for a very cheap price of Php180 and it wasn't on the sale rack. So I was like: "what? they're giving it out just like that?"  I'm talking about original compositions with the best sessionists to play the music and of course the cool  sound of Francis M's voice to relay the message of the songs. We don't get this kind of music nowadays. All I hear on television, over the radio and in music shops are cover songs.
The ESSENTIAL: MICHAEL JACKSON: a 2-disc cd composed of the very best of the Legendary Michael Jackson.

The 2*in*1 Series FRANCISM: a 2 disc cd---hits of our very own Legend Francis Magalona.

Both artists passed away in 2009. It was a sad event, but they left us with a unique blend of music filled with amazing songs and compositions.

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