Will This Make You Happy?

16 August 2011

A very simple question, yet meaningful.
Over the weekend my husband was able to hangout with some of his music buddies. And their host for the evening just so happen to have a new set of camera. He showed some pictures, results which his camera can produce. To be exact, his friend owns a Canon EOS 5D and armed with this 16-35mm lens.
To make the long story short, when my husband got home that evening, he told me how pleased he is with the results of the lens. Though we own a lower Canon DSLR body, they told him that with the very same lens, results will still show quality.

Personally, I am already fine with whatever I have. I've let go of Photography since last year. I just had to face the fact that I don't have the time for it anymore. I didn't see the point of upgrading my kit since I can't focus on it 100%.

But if my husband will ask me this: "Baby, if I get you that 16-35mm Canon lens, will I make you happier?"  But of course, it will make me happy. I answered my husband: " I am going to be the happiest wife if you get me that lens".

I've detach myself to something I thought was for me... but come to think again, there's nothing wrong if we will have fun putting more color in every picture and memory in store for us.


Jhari said...

Wow! New lens. good for you ate ;)

Beth said...

yes, that would be fun! bring the passion back, Enchie! I like your pics! You're good at taking them. Buti na lang, you have a very supportive hubby! Go for that lens! :D