Therapeutic Effects Of Dogs

17 August 2011

I started to have a pet when I was a teenager. I was taking care of a cat then. Well, here in the Philippines it is considered as a stray cat. But my family was able to keep it clean and healthy. Cats were pretty much around our house when I was younger.  Then I started breeding hamsters, and Cichlids afterwards. I can say that yes, I am a pet person, but of all the pets to have, I never had a dog until I got married. Early this year, my husband thought of buying us a Beagle and we named him Emo.
As we go near Emo's first year with us, we are now thinking of buying a new dog of different breed. It all started when we noticed that as our Beagle's growing, he becomes more playful. And it's sad to see a fine, sweet dog without a dog playmate. At the same time, my son Franky is also showing interest on having a new puppy around. 
My son would often ask us to visit pet stores so he can choose and sometimes, just to have a picture with his preferred pet dog. 
Not that he doesn't like Emo, we all love Emo! But it would really be nice to have another dog around. Now, we understand why some people own 4 or 5 dogs. It's wonderful and therapeutic to watch these creatures play. Aside from the entertainment they bring, pets particularly dogs, if well taken cared of show a huge amount of unconditional love by being sweet and playful. That's what we are enjoying right now with our Beagle Emo. My son Franky,  he found an instant playmate in Emo. And by taking care of Emo, it taught my son how to be more responsible. The gestures of a loving dog is just out of this world. My husband, coming from work releases stress by playing with Emo the moment he enters our front door. Emo knows the time my husband is coming in. It amazes us how they can understand our work and the things we humans do. As for me, being the person who feeds him everyday, well, all I can say is... Emo completes me.

Over the weekend, we dropped by the pet area, same place where we bought Emo and Coco. Somewhat, we officially started browsing for a new pet dog. For me, I would like to get a female, standard sized Beagle as partner for Emo. Franky wants a Labrador and my husband is keeping his eyes on a Basset Hound. If we can only afford to get all 3 dogs. That is, if we also have the space (lol!) Anyway, it will probably take a few more months before we can finally get a new pet.

I was getting deep into this entry when I thought of doing a research, looking for well-studied articles that will explain how pets can be beneficial to us humans. I found one and they shared a great amount of information. It is a good website please check it out: Therapeutic Effects Of Pets

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Scribbling Angel said...


Someday when we get married, i want a beagle. Sweetie would love to have labradors. Thye're always on top of the list of child and family-friendly dogs because they're safe with kids around, have good temperament, and are loyal, low maintenance, etc etc. You've chosen well with the beagle (hahaha biased) and I hope, a labrador.