Lovely Dresses From Dad and Mom

24 August 2011

One of things I love the most on being pregnant is staying vibrant even with a big tummy. With my first child, I  enjoyed wearing dresses mixing it with sandals and flats. I make sure that I don't look old  by maintaining an easy and soft vibe with the clothes I wear during pregnancy.  
These 2 dresses were given to me for my timely pregnancy. They're not maternity dresses yet they can stretch even for a pregnant woman up to 9 months. The nice part of this entry, both dresses has a story to tell.
  Let me start with this  Dress With A Nautical Design From my Mom. 
Just last month I went out with my mom to accompany her to go shopping. It was a sudden trip to the mall. It just so happen that she has a party to attend to, and I'm dying with boredom being stuck at home. So we took our time, moving from one boutique to another, we browsed through the racks of the department store too. Looking around I came across this dress with black and white stripes on it. I found it adorable, but that time I thought that it might not be wise to buy it for the simple reason that I'm pregnant and I still have 5 months to go before I give birth. So I passed that day. 

At home, while browsing through my favorite fashion magazine, to my surprise I saw a dress similar and it was from Baby Phat , it was gorgeous. I was like: (looking gloomy) "I should have bought the dress and waited until I can finally wear it."  I thought it was already too late for me to go back since there were few stocks left during my last visit.

And when hope was fading away, good news came knocking at my door. My mom bought the dress!!! and in my size too! To make things more wonderful,  it fits me even with my bulging tummy. Like I've mentioned earlier, it is stretchable. At 9 months, I can still wear this dress and especially even after giving birth.

Moving to this Peach Maxi Dress From My Dad
This dress has an extraordinary history. It was given to me first week of April 2011.  I was with my parents when this dress landed on my hands. My parents were out to get new curtains and invited me to come since they'll be shopping near our place. I went and decided to do a little shopping for myself in preparation for our Baler Trip just this recent summer. When I was about to pay, I saw this peach dress inside my basket. I thought, maybe I accidentally placed it to have more choices and in line at the check-out counter was my dad too. I paid for what I bought ( the 2 dresses and 2 swimsuits) and left this peach dress. 

I consider this dress as a sign that something exciting will happen for the next months. You know why? because  when my dad asked me: why are you not getting that dress? I answered: well, I only have budget for 2 dresses. So he told me that he'll treat me, he'll buy the Peach dress for me, that I might need it in the future, maybe a baby might come along the way. And after a month, we found out that I am pregnant. I wasn't able to use this dress when we were in Baler, I guess it was really meant for something more special.

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pinayrichmom said...

love the dresses and the stories that go with each one! :)