Milestones of Motherhood---Proud To Become The Mother of 2 Boys

15 August 2011

That's right, we just found out over the weekend that our next baby is going to be a boy. 
Excited? very much! 
Baby Clip Art
Baby Clip Art
Throughout the time raising my eldest son Franky, I would always have conversations with my husband, some relatives and friends with what I personally want if given a chance to have a second child or even a third or a fourth. I'll be honest, I want a girl. Well, most of the ladies in the family including my mom, my mother-in-law, my sisters and my aunties wanted a girl for us. I think it's just our motherly and over-all, our girly instincts thinking that having a girl means that it's our turn for some bonding time with our daughters. But boy or girl, they're both gifts from God. I'm happy.

Besides, I'm pretty much into the role of being a "firm mom" to my eldest son right now. I can be soft at times, but when it comes to discipline and guiding my son/ children, I can be hard as a rock. 
Boys, they have a different mind setting. It's true that they should be trained well from the moment they start talking, especially when we all know that our sons are bound to lead their own families someday. I don't want my boys to stray away from being responsible men. "I must" teach my boys to be respectful of others. "I must" because it is clearly my obligation as a parent to show my children the right path not only to success but most importantly on being a good person.

I haven't experienced raising my 2 boys both at the same time. But  in a few months, yes, it is going to be a different scenario for me and my husband. I know that with the strong partnership, love and the passion on raising a family I share with my husband, everything is going to be just smooth.

"No earthly joys could bring more pleasure,
Than a little child to love and treasure.

We put our fate and our lives in the hands of The Almighty.
Everything, are intrusted In His Time...


nurseabie said...

Congrats Enchie! Baby boy din ako.Our first baby.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Congrats!!! Twice the madness,double the fun! :)

SASSY MOM said...

Congrats Mommy! Another blessing...