Personal Tips On Getting Your Dream Condo

07 June 2017

It has been 2 years since we've officially moved to our new home and I'm loving every moment and everything about it. I decided to make this post about our new home purchase so I can shed a little light on what basis should you use in order to get your money's worth on purchasing a condo unit. At least coming from an ordinary person's point of view.

I've been a stay at home mom from the very beginning. My husband has always been "the provider". To acquire this property with just one of us working is a big deal (in a good way) and that's exactly what our bank manager told us. It only means that we can afford it. Some look down at families where the mom is full time at home or they just like the idea and perception that there's more money if both husband and wife are working.

 People, we will not be in this situation if we can't afford it.  As long as you know you have the money, go ahead, plan and make it happen.

I've talked to certain individuals who were having difficulties on weighing things if they should get a condo or a house and a lot. First of all, an investment will depend on your perception or simply what you feel will work for you not only now but in the future as well. For me and my husband, throughout our married life, we've been staying/ renting in a condo. We saw the practical side of condo living, but we still plan to invest at least on a lot property if not a house and lot. We need to remember our personal reasons and purpose why we want and need to make this investment.

This whole entry will focus on our personal basis and experiences on choosing the right developer, the condo must-haves, location and other important things as buyers.

The no.1 rule we learned on making an investment is not to rush into things. Take time and do research, do ocular and inspect the exact location of the building itself.  Usually, developers have model units, don't hesitate to go and ask around. Share your plans and goals with trusted people you think can help you, especially those who already made a good investment.

Purchase a property that will not give you headaches or any inconveniences.

It took 5-6 years for us to finally land at the hands of the right developer. We almost bought a property that we're not sure of. We went to several loops on choosing and making an "almost" bad decision. But from a casual talk with my husband's friend from work who found out about our intention, he gave us some points. It all began with that simple conversation, and now we're living in our dream home.


It's an investment, take into consideration the location. It's accessibility whether you have car or none. A lot of condos are being sold for an irresistible price, don't get hooked! There's a compromise. It's cheap but location- wise it's not family- friendly or it's situated near a slum area or low lying area. Worst of all, it may be resting on top or beside a fault line.

Accessibility is important, "as much as possible" find something near your work place. Look for nearby grocery stores, sari-sari stores even, banks, churches, schools, hospitals, commercial establishments. Check whether it's linked closely to major public transport such as trains and terminals. Lastly, make sure that it has ample parking space.
Our location is in a prime area of Quezon City. We're near major establishments. There are schools, and hospitals nearby. We're just a jeepney ride away to Cubao, we can walk to a known shopping location. We're beside major roads. All these, yet we get a nice, family- friendly environment. Once we get inside the premises of our condo it's quiet and peaceful. We have a jogging path, a swimming pool, a playground and an outdoor gym. We basically feel like we're in a resort.


Once you've set your mind on the perfect location. Look for a developer. Be aware, most agents like profiling.  How you dress up or what car you drive is one of the things they look into and it's a sad, pathetic truth.  Be honest, show them who you really are, don't clothe yourself to impress. Anyway, just the thought you're interested on investing makes you a very capable person.

This can be tricky, but usually, the best in the business has something built in major locations. It's an investment right? spend on a good/ best developer. The one who can guarantee to meet your expectations. When I say guarantee, it means the developer has money that they don't wait for down payments to pay for the construction of the building or just to finish a building. With that, pre selling offers will come in handy. They can give you flexible terms. Just like what happened to us. Since our developer has money, they can afford to adjust according to our terms. Of course, that is with further study and approval. This goes with a reliable bank the developer is linked with.

Here are other important things to look for:


We're basically looking for a home that can give you more than a clean environment. Nowadays, a community offers amenities such as a pool and a playground. Look for these. It will add as a good find with the investment you're about to make. In our case and as mentioned above, aside from a swimming pool and a playground, we also have a clubhouse for events, a jogging path, an outdoor gym and a grotto where mass is held on special occasions. Make sure that the amenities are already available for use when you move in.

Cut of the condo units with major fixtures included:

This is one of the reasons why it took us quite some time to finally nail the right condo. We've been to several condos and one of the things that greatly bothered us was the unusual cut of the units, which I think is the trend nowadays. We were looking for a condo that can give us the feel that we're living in a house. It's small yet a basic square cut can give us room to make adjustments or plan our interior properly.

Choose a condo that already have the basics: a clean cut unit with dividers, working bathroom fixtures, kitchen with a sink or at least shelves. Look for a grease trap as well.

Get a unit with balcony.  It will serve as your garden or special nook.

Look for a condo where water is not affected when power is down. If you get the best developer, piping and all are at its finest.

Emergency Power System:
A condo with emergency powers is a plus. There's a working elevator, you can use an outlet, the fridge is running when power is down. We have all these in our condo and it will make you feel secure when there's an emergency.

Maintenance of the building:

A building has a life span. Imagine a "not so well maintained" one. We're very fortunate that our developer handles the building maintenance. Clarify with your developer on who'll provide maintenance. There are instances that the homeowners association is the one in- charge. There are cases when there's not enough funds, they skip this process, so through the years, the unit owners end up with an old- looking, cracked up building.

Our building is new, but you know what, they just repainted it. Our community is composed of 5 towers, and each are repainted and maintained properly. The oldest tower, looks new.

Security 24/7:

Make sure that the condo you choose has reliable, strict security services. Each tower in our community has its own lobby, concierge and security guards. We're also equipped with CCTV cameras. Aside from that, we have guards and an emergency personnel roaming around the premises, a guard at the walk- through entrance and several at the main gate and parking.

Housekeeping and In- House Maintenance:

Housekeeping does the internal stuff like cleaning and garbage disposal.  These are 2 essential roles that does internal maintenance 24/7. If you need something fixed in the middle of the night or day, they come to aid you.  That extends to the amenities.

These are just points I want to share for future buyers. As a stay at home mom,  with our first 2 years in our new home, I'm at peace with this investment. No regrets. I feel that I got everything I was looking for when it comes to condo living. Life is easy, it's not heavy in the pocket too. My family gets that "resort type" environment. Staycation? No need to go out, I have everything in my humble unit, better than a hotel.

It's a good investment for those working or living abroad who does frequent visits in the Philippines. Especially those who like to stay in a decent place without spending too much.  It's something worth coming home to in the Philippines.

Whatever I shared here are just based on our experiences when we purchased our condo. Most of you might ask who our developer is. For security reasons, I will not mention our location and the exact property we purchased, but we are proud to share how happy and satisfied we are with Ayala Land.

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