World of Coca- Cola Tour

16 June 2017

Location:265 Park Ave W Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30313, United States

The World of Coca- Cola is situated within the Centennial Park District. It's just a few steps away from Centennial Olympic Park that was built for guests during the 1996 Olympics. It is right beside the Georgia Aquarium.

The World of Coca- Cola was the 2nd tourist spot we went to in Atlanta. Aunt Mel treated our whole family to the World of Coke as a welcome gift, but we were able to go during my eldest son's birthday last September.

 I love Coke! It's my go- to drink if I want something refreshing on a hot day or just to unwind and while watching a great movie. This tour was one of the highlights of our US trip last year because we visited the home of Coke, where it all started.
John Pemberton Founder of Coca- Cola
Information Booth for interested guests
The Lobby

Here, folks will welcome you with Coca- Cola drinks.

This is also where you will find the Coca- Cola bottle sculptures and the waiting area that will lead to---
 The Loft

The tour officially begins at The Loft. You will find memorabilia that represent the 125 Years of Coca- Cola from 30 different countries.

Our tour guide was very excited and asked each guest of their country of origin. It was amazing that the groups and families that we were with was composed of travelers and tourists from around the world. Switzerland, Korea, China, USA and even Greece. Of course, we got very excited to announce to all that we're from the Philippines.
Coca- Cola Theater
At the theater, a short film called Moments of Happiness was shown. It revolved around stories and moments of people from around the world with different cultures, how they celebrate and share their most valued journeys with Coca- Cola. It was a heartwarming film about love, life and family. The joys a drink can bring to our hearts.

I did not feature some of the other places we went to during our tour because we weren't able to take pictures. But you can visit: for details.

Pop Culture Gallery

Bottle Works

 Coca- Cola Polar Bear

The finale of our Coca- Cola tour was the Taste It! Experience. Here, we're able to taste over 100 Coca- Cola products from around the world. I guess, on what we've tasted so far, a country or continent's beverage is represented based on their culture or way of living.

Coke dispensers from places around the world: North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America
I took note of the following drinks I've been eager to try:

Japan- Vegitabeta ( not too sweet, refreshing, a bit bland)
Madagascar- Bonbon Anglais (unexplainable hehehe!)
North America- Gold Peak Sweet Tea (my new favorite in GA)
Korea- Joy (fruity)
North America- TAB ( gave me a nostalgic feel, milder taste compared to Coke)
Italy- Beverly (it's like vodka with sparkling water)

Over-all, I'm amazed on how Coca- Cola was able to recognize and come up with the distinct flavors that made each destination unique. I am proud to say that Asia has the most balanced set of beverages.
 My eldest son trying Coca- Cola products from Europe

Aside from the Taste It! experience, a section was also made available for other Coca- Cola products we're more familiar with. Keep your cups cause you might want to extend your Taste It! journey with some Coke Life, Cherry or Vanilla Coke, or with the Original Taste we all love. My second best choice was Raspberry Coke!
 Happy Me in My Happy Place
 More Coke for take home!
 Coca- Cola Store
We truly enjoyed our visit at the The World of Coca- Cola. It's one of our most memorable in this tip. It introduced a greater meaning than just recognizing and drinking a bottle of Coke. This whole experience showed us the other side of a famous soda brand, how it brings joy to everyone. I am very grateful to have experienced The World of Coca- Cola with my family. I mean, we love Coke!

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