The Blessing of Our Home

16 July 2015

The home blessing added light and positivity to our new home. Our parents were very happy with what we have achieved. Of course, they're so proud of the hard work my husband has poured. It was a dream come true for us as a couple and as  parents. It was a goal we were so focused on. Even if life's a bit hard for most in this country, we are blessed that God graced us with the resources in order to attain this goal--- being able to provide a permanent shelter was one of our dream for our children. 

We had a solemn celebration with our close family. Our good friend Ricky graced us with his presence too. As always, my husband and I are known for small but intimate gatherings. We saw the value in celebrating with just the special people in our lives. Even our officiating priest felt that he was home... He stayed longer than expected and shared a meaningful conversation with us. Through that, we were able to build a certain bond with him. The Parish Church isn't too far, that alone is a gift.

Our home will always be Christ- centered. Our faith binds the relationship between family members. It serves as the light to whatever we take inside from the world outside the walls of our home. 

Now I can say that...
We've now officially moved- in!

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