I Go Back Home...

16 December 2014

I am very grateful for the wonderful blessing of having a lovely home to go back to... My parents decided to relocate 5 years ago... Moving to another place means change for us. Change means new beginnings, a refresher and a dip in different color is healthy.

With a fresh start, our own home, a new house (finally!) we made sure that the house itself sits in a place far off the chaotic city life, away from the main road where we can only hear the tapping of  rain drops on the roof, birds chirping and our laughter through the roof.
Over the weekend, with my 3 boys and our Beagle, we decided to head home to relax and spend quality time with my parents and the rest of the family. Our mom will always be "the mom" of the house. I really enjoy moments when she cooks for us. She prepares scrumptious dishes and I miss her as somebody who you'll always find ready to sit and chat with you. Whatever she's doing, once she sees any of us, her children she'll stop working and she'll keep us company.

Our stay was very timely because they just got the 8ft. Douglas Fir Tree (fresh tree from Oregon). The tree has that sweet, pine scent that filled the house instantly. We've also set the menu for our Christmas celebration, games and other gimmicks  to make the Holidays extraordinary.

Yes, it's Christmas time!
The Lara Home stood out once again. The signature blue door was lighted with ornaments and Christmas lights.
The weather was perfect as well. It's cold and windy... before, we find time just to go to Tagaytay City and embrace it's climate. Now, we don't need to because we're enjoying the very same chilly temperature.
Every time I'm in need for a quick break from city life I go back home. Home is where I grew up as a child and blossomed into a lady. Home is the strongest foundation which my parents built to overcome life's adversities and celebrate the glorious moments as a family. Home has always been the center of our hearts.

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Jonalyn Quita said...

the home where i grew up is old but i also have that same feeling everytime i visit my parents :) ang sarap bumalik noh.