Another Rewarding Performance

16 December 2014

From the last weeks of October to the first weeks of November, we have been very busy with school practices for the foundation day presentation of my son. Every 2 years, the school prepares for a huge musical play and of course, the guests of honour were us, the proud parents. 

This year, they performed an adaptation of Ibong Adarna. It was nice to watch and refresh my mind of the story which I last read when I was still in high school.  At the same time, seeing my son perform once again is joy to my heart. His performance in this adaptation has leveled up. He led the group to a dance interpretation of a certain role from the story.

The show was held at the Meralco Theater. The production was bigger than the last show 2 years ago. This time around, Frankie's younger brother was present to enjoy and appreciate this colorful and lively performance on stage. He was dancing as he watched which was clearly a sign that he is ready for school this coming year. 

Here's to another milestone! I guess, the next celebration is going to be hectic but more fun and memorable simply because both my boys will be performing on stage together.

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Jonalyn Quita said...

added excitement when you have both boys on stage already Enchie. :D great job to your son!