A Mother's Thoughts

02 August 2014

Quite a while since I've made updates for all my blogs. It's been a very busy 3 months since school started. Having kids brings me back to my younger days, especially when it comes to school issues. 

My eldest is already a 3rd Grader. He's 9 years old and he is at an age for us parents should make our children feel that we're there for them 100%. A stage to give more patience and understanding. At this point, I look back at my childhood when I was once my son's age. It's amusing at times, because I get to reminisce, it is also a bit of a challenge when my son asks me questions which is obviously inspired by the things he sees everyday or stuff  he rarely encounter. 

Questions of why? how? I personally handle it by relating my answers with what's really happening in reality. The practical side of the reasons why & how we do things in life. That's my approach, it makes things easier to explain and for the kid to understand.

In a few years, I will have a teenager to look after. Those innocent questions out curiosity will expand deeper as he age in towards adulthood. I trust that my husband and I are going to be able to guide and teach our children (both boys) to goodness, and that includes never to make a girl cry or be the cause of a broken heart. Always make people happy, to be more of an inspiration to others.

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