Van de Graaff Generator At The Mind Museum

19 June 2014

As a pre- Mother's Day celebration, my husband and I took our kids to the Mind Museum. It was my first time to visit the place and it was Frankie's 2nd. I've been curious of what this museum has got to offer. I've seen pictures and have read posts about it. Finally, I was able to step inside one of Manila's most visited museums.
It was a fine summery Saturday morning. We opted to go early to beat the crowd, thinking that it's Mother's Day and a weekend everyone's going to be out celebrating. Tickets were at 450php per head which was good for the whole day until the museum closes.
When we got inside, we were greeted by Aedi (idea). Aedi gave a short message on what to expect and see inside the museum.
The first thing we saw was The Majesty of the Universe area. It was the most visited when we were there. Maybe it's because most of us are curiously in love with knowing the universe and visitors are automatically pulled at this section of the museum.
We watched a short film. I enjoyed the whole clip because I was opened to new information about the solar system, space and the whole universe.
My eldest son, is very fond of science and experiments. He went back to see the T-Rex that's made up of real fossils. How cool is that?!

The highlight of our visit was to experience Van de Graaff generator for the first time. My son was scared seeing the hair of the ladies who went ahead of us go up. Something that he can only see on television shows and movies. Later on, he became comfortable. He has short hair, but you can see hair at the top part of his head raised up.
If The Majesty of the Universe is the most visited, the Van de Graaff generator holds the longest line. These are just few of the wonderful things seen at The Mind Museum. It sure is a place for learning both for the kids and the young at heart.

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