The 3 o'clock Habit Continues

08 August 2014

When I came across this snippet on Pinterest, I was amused that a person randomly thought  about it.

 Our  3am routine didn't really stop. Apparently my husband continued work with a schedule when he comes home at around 2- 3 o'clock in the morning. If I'm sleeping, he wakes me up with our small kitchen table ready with food. Just recently, he bought pizza. Sometimes, we crave for dim sum and Kowloon which is open 24 hrs is our answer to that.

Like any of our 3am routine, we start our conversation with the unusual stuff we encounter everyday, what made headlines, then it will suddenly shift to anything: food, "kilig" moments, future plans, love, making jokes and plainly just about life.

This routine makes our married life more special. It feels like this whole set up was intentionally laid for us. It's an extraordinary way to add spark in a relationship and it works. No expensive stuff needed, just some time alone in our house, and it doesn't have to be everyday.

 I was humbled by this pin. It made me feel blessed and more grateful because I am actually living the words in this small box while others still dream of it. But it doesn't mean it will remain a dream or a wish... if it's meant for you, the flow will just take you there. A different set- up perhaps, also as interesting and colorful like a 3am habit.

By the way, if there's something to change here, that is the underwear part, because I wear pj's :D

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