10 Years

18 June 2014

I can't think of a better title to this post but the digits itself that marked another milestone in my life.  5 years ago, I was just day dreaming of the future with my other half. Where will we be on our 10th wedding anniversary? It's normal to think ahead and see yourself how you like it or the way you plan it.
I'm proud to say that in our 10 years as partners, all I can think about are happy memories. Sure, we had our down times, especially when we were still starting... And these turned as motivating factors that brought us to where we are at the moment. We are also surrounded by people who help us go through adversities--- our parents, our siblings and friends, the added colors to our rainbow. 

Thru certain situations, unforgettable moments, down to the most embarrassing experiences, together,  we've matured, we respect each other even more. We learned to meet in the middle when it comes to decision making. We shrug off anything that can cause an argument. We compromise and sacrifice. If there's another thing to be proud about, it's the fact that my husband and I work everything positively because we do things together. We're always together.

Because we know we have each other, we've learned not to look for contentment and happiness thru material things or live life around money.  But we still surprise each other in our own creative ways, just like what happened a few weeks back...

We didn't have a grand celebration for our 10th year, but my husband arranged lunch with a few people at Conti's. It was kinda a surprise for me too... and yes, I was shocked because I really thought that we're not going to prepare anything at all. We opted to keep things simple and discrete because we're presently preparing for something more important. So my husband reserved a function room, had food prepared and a short video presentation was shown. The video was composed of the times from the moment we got married up to the present with our 2 kids. 
10 years may look short and young but I gotta say... we feel that we've  lived and achieved more than the number of years that's indicated, or let's just say we're on the right track.

We have a 3rd grader.
We have a toddler who can say thank you and please...
We have a lovable Beagle named EMO.
We will be moving to our brand new place which is now our own to decorate.
We are planning to get an SUV and restore our old Honda Civic...
I can bake!
We travel as a family.
My husband's career is growing...
We both have white hair. lol! (now, that's aging)
We're all healthy.
What we did not have 10 years back, are the ones that make our life now beautiful everyday.

As we land on our 10th year being married and as we head towards our 14th year of being together, my husband and I both learned how to be flexible towards anything life will throw at us and will remain grateful and humbled for the small, simple moments that's given to us (forever...).


Joy said...

Happy Anniversary Enchie and Hubby! I pray for more blessings and love in your marriage:)

Enchie said...

Thank you Joy!