When Emo Met Jazzy

29 November 2012

Just a couple of weeks back, we brought Emo to meet a female Beagle named Jazzy. It was Emo's first time to encounter a female dog. A friend of ours asked us for dog studding services. As pet owners, it was also our first time to get familiar with the studding process of dogs.

We dropped off our kids at my parents' then brought Emo to meet Jazzy. It was nice to be able to bring Emo out again. It's just amazing how Emo thinks of us as family, I mean the way this dog acts towards us, his sweetness... unbelievable!
Talk about being man's best friend... In the family, he has always been close to my husband. They say, the first one who'll hold the puppy will automatically recognize him or her as its master. I guess there's truth to that with what I've been seeing between Emo and my husband. Emo is turning 2 years this December, but everytime he's around his master he acts as if he's just a puppy...
We're very excited for the puppies... Jazzy is a beautiful dog and I heard that's there's another female Beagle waiting...

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