Pieces Of Our Christmas and New Year's Eve Celebration

05 January 2012

I gave birth 21st of December. I went home immediately the following day. The remaining days before the holidays were spent cleaning the house and preparing for Christmas. Good thing that my younger sisters were both on vacation that's why they were able to help us, especially with all the adjustments needed to be made. As for me, it's been quite a challenge, because I was also undergoing post-anesthesia effects (as to what my doctor told me). My husband and my sisters were convincing me to stay in bed. But I told them that this year is way too extraordinary for me, I can't just sleep it out. It's a blessing to have Mikee around as we celebrate the birth of Christ. Our second child's coming was the most awaited for 2011.
Thank you Lord for giving me strength to make other people happy and full on Your special day. With our hectic schedule, I wasn't expecting that we will be able to fill our simple Christmas Tree, but look! :D It's piling up little by little.
Thanks to our ever-thoughtful and loving friends. More gifts were added as Christmas approaches. To be honest, my husband and I weren't able to get each other gifts on time too. After Christmas, we went out for awhile just to get presents for each other. Hehehe! funny!
Joining the pack, my husband requested for a set of Nerf guns. It's a toy not only for the little ones, but for the big boys as well. It just so happen that my brother Ver bought the very same toy too and we didn't even talk about it. So now, every boy in the family has one.
His presents for me: A Logitech speaker system Z103 "more bass, less box" with a control pod, which I badly need for my pc. I always sneak his laptop speakers, so finally now I have the perfect sound system for my computer. A 2012 planner from Fully Booked. He knows what I want: from the simplest design and the size which is easier to carry around. And a book for Beagles! They say that if you finish the whole manual on how to train a Beagle, one should be considered an expert :p
Christmas Eve was spent in our house in Quezon City. The following day, we drove to my parents' to celebrate Chritmas Day with the whole family including my grandmother and relatives from my mother's side. Our Christmas celebration was filled with so much laughter. .
We arranged some games for the kids and the adults joined to play Pinoy Henyo. It was a whole day affair and it was fun.
Welcoming 2012
Another colorful year ended and yet another one graced us with it's presence last December 31, 2011- January 1 2012. New Year's Eve, we spent it at my parents' house. My mom prepared requested dishes such as: turbo broiled liempo, chicken penne, pork menudo, siomai, fresh fruits and I made some leche flan for dessert. As we went through the night, we talked about our life as a family from the previous years and the accomplishments we made that got us to where we are right now. And then my dad shared that it's the prayer he's been saying year after year working. Of course, with faith, trust and hard work coming from our part wonderful things will happen, most of them are the least expected moments.


♥peachkins♥ said...

Happy New year, Enchie!

Tetcha said...

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 to you and your family, Enchie! Your 2012 is even more brighter because you have a new addition to your family! What a wonderful blessing!

Chatty said...

Congratulations on the new baby! Such a blessing! Wishing you and your family the best for the New year!