One of My Inspirations On Portraiture

28 September 2011

Portraiture has always been my choice when it comes to photography. When I was given the chance to own a digital slr, I took advantage of it. I saw the inner beauty of photography itself through the people I take pictures of. There are times when I'd really want to study and pursue a career in this field. But time won't permit me, so I try my best to at least inspire myself with works from other photographers, especially those who are known to specialize in portraiture. One of them is a portrait photography North Shore. He is a family portrait photographer also known as in baby photography Sydney

Nicholas Fiennes employs his knowledge of light and composition to create timeless portraits of you and the ones you love. 
Nicholas's fine art portrait sessions can be captured in a variety of settings to suit your individual preference, either in his studio, outdoors or in your own home. He doesn't rush the process needed to capture genuine, artistic expressions. Each session lasts approximately two hours to fully capture you in images you'll cherish for a lifetime. 

It is such an honor to be able to do this entry. It brought out my interest on taking portraits again. Inspiring because in a few months, I will get the chance to take snapshots of my newly born. First time that I'll be doing it and feels so great knowing that this time around,  I will be capturing moments of not just 3 but 5 of us in the family.

All For Plus Size Clothing

23 September 2011

Ever since I gave birth to my first child, I started buying plus size clothing. I've gained so much weight and up to the time before I got pregnant with my second child, I was having a hard time to get my old body back. Basing it on genetics, I think I inherited my big structure from my mother's side. We kinda have this thing with big hips and butts as we age, especially after having kids. Wearing of plus size clothing doesn't mean you're fat. It's simply wearing the right size for your body structure. And it looks good and definitely, it will make a woman feel more comfortable and confident if she's wearing the right size. The trend on plus size womens clothing has gone up. I see girls wearing big dresses, tops and even baggy jeans and shorts nowadays that's why I'm always confident because it is now made as a fashion statement. There are affordable plus size clothing in almost every department store. It is also available online, womens plus size tops in different designs, colors and style.

Plus size clothing has benefits too. When it's a bit loose, it's lighter in a way that it is flowy, perfect for skinny jeans and other fitted bottoms. Now that I am pregnant with my second child, I knew in an instant that I will need less maternity clothing this time around. Thank God for my plus size tops and dresses. Let me share a photo or 2.
 I bought this top way back in 2009. I couldn't believe that I will still be using it up to this time. I wear it with a pair of black leggings. It's one of my most comfortable plus size tops that I wear even when 6 months pregnant.
The dress in the picture is one of my favorite dresses too. Not only it function as a dress, but I can also wear it with skinny jeans and leggings. The top part of the picture was taken early 2011, I wasn't pregnant then. I like how the dress hugs the lower part of my body. Like I said earlier, wear the right size for your body and you will never think that you're too big or too small. To connect the lower part of the picture, though I the picture wasn't taken in full, just to share, it's my present snapshot with the very same dress and I am 5 months pregnant, turning 6. Even if pregnant, the dress isn't tight at all, still flowy.

A Slice Of His Birthday Celebration

20 September 2011

So here's a slice of my son's birthday celebration today. It just so happen that his special day fell on a school day, I told my husband that I don't want my son to miss school and at the same time, my husband has a very important function at work that he can't pass, so we didn't make actual plans on how to celebrate it. Pretty odd right? usually even any of our special day falls on a busy week, we still find time to celebrate even in the simplest way. But I guess, with the load we have this time around, we needed to make some adjustments.
This morning, I woke up early and prepared my son's favorite breakfast, which is Spam and eggs. Note: "SPAM and EGGS" not Prem and Eggs. That's why in the picture above, it's obvious that with the way Franky looks--- he just woke up. But the surprise didn't end with his favorite breakfast. After eating, I took out a plate of 2 cake slices from Banapple. But the day before, I brought him to Banapple and made him choose any cake he wants. He pointed at both the Banoffee pie and Blueberry Cheesecake. To continue, after his meal this morning, I took out the slices of cakes he chose with 7 candles. Of course the real cake will follow when he celebrates his birthday this coming weekend.
This slice of his birthday celebration is one of the most memorable. Even if he blew his candles early in the morning, I saw the glow and happiness radiating from my son's face. He was very excited to eat and share his cake with us his Mama and Papa. It goes to show how my son has matured. I don't see a little boy anymore... but a big boy still innocent and love is overflowing from within him. I can't wait for the moment when he gets to see and touch his younger brother for the first time. What more...
To Franky,
Happy, happy Birthday! May God bless you and shower you with protection, wisdom and more love as you grow your way into this world. Papa and Mama, your Lolas and Lolo, your Aunts and Uncles and Cousins are always here for you. We love you so much!!!

Great Ticket Deals

It has been a long time since I've watched a concert and even a game in a real venue. This coming October, there will be various artists who will be coming to have a concert. Sometimes, even if I know for a fact that I won't be able to watch, I still browse online to see what's new, updating myself for possible future activity with my family. And most of the time, I end up sharing it to my friends and relatives who has all the intention of watching a show. There are times, even if I'm not being asked, once I find something new and interesting in the entertainment industry, I send my friends a message thinking they might have plans of watching. In an instant, I am labeled as the info person.

Lately, I have been searching for ticket rates online and to my surprise, not only I found websites that offers concert tickets like Justin Bieber Tickets. They also have ticket sales on New York Islanders Tickets, Walt Disney Concert Hall Tickets, Rose Bowl Tickets and Chicago Blackhawks Tickets in one website. It was quite a find. It's the perfect source for our friends and families in America who loves going to concerts, people who are interested in Broadway events and sports.

GP Recruitment and Process

19 September 2011

I have several friends who are gps. I really didn't know the weight of the whole process for their applications   until I was able to come up with a research of my own and found out that for every individual that specializes on this field should undergo a specific process that includes: gp exam, gp application , gp recruitment and the gpst stage 3.
Under the Oxford medical group a GP Exam can be accessed online. To access free downloadable guide to the GP Application process for 2011/2012 just enter your name and email address . Once you have passed the initial stage of the GPST process, having met all the eligibility criteria, you will now progress into stage 2, which is based on clinical scenarios  to assess your clinical competences. The first stage in the recruitment process for GP specialist training consists of an online application form. It is used to assess your eligibility with regards to the basic eligibility criteria as laid out by the NRO the form requires mainly personal, qualification and professional career information, as opposed to establishing your clinical competencies which is assessed in Stage 2. 

During the Stage 3 GPST-GPVTS Selection process you will be examined using a series of tasks required to test various skills, attributes and or course knowledge that you have. The selection process runs at pre-selected venues and can take the whole day in some areas or half a day for other. During the day you will undergo the following tasks: Simulated patient consultation also known as a "Role Play" exercise (GPST Role Play-GPVTS Role Play) Group discussions, where your interaction, communication skills ect is assessed Written prioritisation tasks, testing aspects of your judgment and prioritization.

Beaded Couture

These are Fashion Necklace & Earring Collection has a vast assortment of Jewelry pieces that are exceptionally stylish, sophisticated, trendy, and not to mention the hottest items on the market. With that, a stylish and affordable jewelry , bridal jewelry, designer inspired accessories, body jewelry, silver and even leather bracelets are just a click away. As the premiere online shopping place, they offer the best customer service, fast and efficient processing on orders with shipment worldwide.

For the longest time I have been looking for the perfect  turquoise item. I am really searching for a ring or a bracelet that's made from top quality semi-precious turquoise stones.

I found the turquoise treasure I've been looking for at Beaded Couture. They have a set of  butterfly turquoise necklace with earrings, and the bracelet is sold separately. Not only that, since I am a Sterling Silver person, my eyes drooled over at Sterling Silver items. From pendants, bangles, bracelets, and even pearls with Sterling Silver.

Value of Laptop Repairs

13 September 2011

My brother works in an educational institute. The value of having a laptop is really a big deal. It makes his work easier, including lesson plans, being able to to get updated information and record wise, he can keep track of his student records. Just recently, my brother's laptop broke and he is now experiencing a hard time coping with relation to his job. He consulted me and my husband for reliable and trustworthy laptop service centers. At first I suggested that he'd bring back his laptop where he purchased it and at the same time, research on the laptop brand's service centers.

He ended up bringing his laptop to a service center but the asking price was too much. Let's say, it's equivalent if you buy a brand new one with upgraded specifications. We continued searching, and as I was browsing online, I landed on a website that offers not only laptop repair, but they also cater to tablets, Apple products, data recovery , Malware, mobile phones and even video game consoles. Free diagnosis for most mail-in and local computer repair san diego, data recovery and electronics repair, from the most experienced technology experts.

Going back to my dilemma, I told my brother, that with his line of work, immediate repair from the right experts is much needed. So I referred this website to my brother. It will serve as a guide. Based on the amount of information I read, this laptop repair san diego is one of the most reliable online.

Getting Ready On Becoming A Big Brother

06 September 2011

This has got to be the greatest find I had over the weekend. As my son and I were browsing at some children's books, he handed this  to me... I was really touched when I saw the title of the book. My son, on his own understands that he is going to be a big brother soon. Dear Baby: Letters from Your Big Brother by Sarah Sullivan (Goodreads Author), Paul Meisel (Illustrator) is about a young boy, who recorded memories like a scrapbook about his journey being a big brother. It's like a baby book, only, the story and illustration is based on the point of view of a child as the big brother to his younger sibling. Drawings, photos, thoughts about his life being a big brother.
It's the perfect book for my eldest son. I know he is very excited to see his younger brother. I do want to give him the responsibility on taking good care of his little brother. I'm just elated with the thought that my eldest son is getting ready for the time when he is not the only child anymore, but a big brother to a family member who'll be joining us soon.

Milestones of Motherhood--- Surviving My First Trimester

I never thought that my next pregnancy is going to be this sensitive. The baby is fine and well, but it's the whole process that's malfunctioned during my first trimester. Thank God I survived it! Now as I enter my second trimester, my doctor wants me to shape up some more because I'm am literally sharing nutrients with my child. At 4 months, we found out that I am underweight. Which is entirely inappropriate, since I should be gaining weight for me and the baby. I just couldn't believe it. With my first child, I did also have some weight issues, but not as alarming as  to what I went trhough with my second pregnancy. Like what my mom (mother of 5) told me, expect that each pregnancy is going to be different from each other. There will be times when it's going to be easy, moments when it's going to be difficult and sometimes, just plain extraordinary.

I do believe with what my mom said. Even if I know myself well, because I look at myself as a strong woman and that's why I was really surprised when I found out how sensitive the first trimester was with my second pregnancy.

It was so delicate. I wasn't even allowed to take long walks and my regular stretching was discontinued by my doctor, I wasn't literally allowed to do chores or even move out of the bed. It also includes times when I had a hard time eating.

Meaning: I eat less or I don't eat at all. 
Note: there were times

Based on my experience, I view weight loss during the first trimester quite normal because the body is adjusting. Food cravings, morning sickness, some sleepless nights.

I'm glad I'm over with it. With my recent visit to my doctor, what she told me and my husband were all good news. The gender of our baby, a good cardiac rate... everything is normal. We can actually feel the relief radiating from my doctor. She was very excited to take the picture of our little angel. She's the best Ob-Gyne for me. She's taking good care of me like a daughter.

Still, my doctor reminded me to eat a lot or gain at least 3 lbs. within the month. I guess, I am now on the right path. I feel heavier and in most of my pictures, I look normal. Unlike 3 months ago, I was really thin. Too thin, that you wouldn't even think I'm pregnant.

Over-all, I will not survive this term without my husband by my side. It was Dolf who stayed beside me when I needed someone stronger than me to hold onto. He became the mother and father to both Franky and the little baby inside my womb. Though he has work to finish, he placed family on top of his priority list. My parents who are still with me, even if I'm already married. They made sure I am well taken cared of. They visited me everyday, called me all the time...  Especially to my mom who experienced 2 miscarriages. that's why her thoughts and her presence are both very important to me.  Our friends who offered prayers so that I can get through all these trials. Everyone was there for us. Even the parents of my friends, they were all very supportive. Lastly, prayers has always been the answer...

Thank you Lord...
Recent photo with my precious ones...

Are You A Good Sport?

01 September 2011

Sports is one of the things I was very into when I was a teenager. Volleyball, track and field, badminton and even basketball. Predicting the winner of the game would come from all sides of the crowd. Meaning people, betting for their preferred player.

Personally, it's fine to make bets, as long as it is well thought of and it is carried with great responsibility. Some people tend to forget about the risks of betting in general. The gambling world will eat you alive if you don't have the proper knowledge on how to maintain a reliable betting record.  I never experienced sports betting online.  But I did have small instances with sports betting when I was in my 20's. Well, it was just for fun. It's very much available online, from NFL, NBA, Soccer and again, being on the right age follows.  A perfect sports betting spot will always set guidelines, rules and procedures on how to be able to enter and experience sports betting.

For hardcore sports fans, it would be easy to to know if you're on the right track. In betting, there will always be winners and losers. Make sure that you're ready for that. Another thing to remember is to visit the right sports betting spots. Search online for valid betting spots. Websites that will help you move forward in the betting industry and of course, to make every betting experience manageable and worth it.