GP Recruitment and Process

19 September 2011

I have several friends who are gps. I really didn't know the weight of the whole process for their applications   until I was able to come up with a research of my own and found out that for every individual that specializes on this field should undergo a specific process that includes: gp exam, gp application , gp recruitment and the gpst stage 3.
Under the Oxford medical group a GP Exam can be accessed online. To access free downloadable guide to the GP Application process for 2011/2012 just enter your name and email address . Once you have passed the initial stage of the GPST process, having met all the eligibility criteria, you will now progress into stage 2, which is based on clinical scenarios  to assess your clinical competences. The first stage in the recruitment process for GP specialist training consists of an online application form. It is used to assess your eligibility with regards to the basic eligibility criteria as laid out by the NRO the form requires mainly personal, qualification and professional career information, as opposed to establishing your clinical competencies which is assessed in Stage 2. 

During the Stage 3 GPST-GPVTS Selection process you will be examined using a series of tasks required to test various skills, attributes and or course knowledge that you have. The selection process runs at pre-selected venues and can take the whole day in some areas or half a day for other. During the day you will undergo the following tasks: Simulated patient consultation also known as a "Role Play" exercise (GPST Role Play-GPVTS Role Play) Group discussions, where your interaction, communication skills ect is assessed Written prioritisation tasks, testing aspects of your judgment and prioritization.

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