Milestones of Motherhood--- Surviving My First Trimester

06 September 2011

I never thought that my next pregnancy is going to be this sensitive. The baby is fine and well, but it's the whole process that's malfunctioned during my first trimester. Thank God I survived it! Now as I enter my second trimester, my doctor wants me to shape up some more because I'm am literally sharing nutrients with my child. At 4 months, we found out that I am underweight. Which is entirely inappropriate, since I should be gaining weight for me and the baby. I just couldn't believe it. With my first child, I did also have some weight issues, but not as alarming as  to what I went trhough with my second pregnancy. Like what my mom (mother of 5) told me, expect that each pregnancy is going to be different from each other. There will be times when it's going to be easy, moments when it's going to be difficult and sometimes, just plain extraordinary.

I do believe with what my mom said. Even if I know myself well, because I look at myself as a strong woman and that's why I was really surprised when I found out how sensitive the first trimester was with my second pregnancy.

It was so delicate. I wasn't even allowed to take long walks and my regular stretching was discontinued by my doctor, I wasn't literally allowed to do chores or even move out of the bed. It also includes times when I had a hard time eating.

Meaning: I eat less or I don't eat at all. 
Note: there were times

Based on my experience, I view weight loss during the first trimester quite normal because the body is adjusting. Food cravings, morning sickness, some sleepless nights.

I'm glad I'm over with it. With my recent visit to my doctor, what she told me and my husband were all good news. The gender of our baby, a good cardiac rate... everything is normal. We can actually feel the relief radiating from my doctor. She was very excited to take the picture of our little angel. She's the best Ob-Gyne for me. She's taking good care of me like a daughter.

Still, my doctor reminded me to eat a lot or gain at least 3 lbs. within the month. I guess, I am now on the right path. I feel heavier and in most of my pictures, I look normal. Unlike 3 months ago, I was really thin. Too thin, that you wouldn't even think I'm pregnant.

Over-all, I will not survive this term without my husband by my side. It was Dolf who stayed beside me when I needed someone stronger than me to hold onto. He became the mother and father to both Franky and the little baby inside my womb. Though he has work to finish, he placed family on top of his priority list. My parents who are still with me, even if I'm already married. They made sure I am well taken cared of. They visited me everyday, called me all the time...  Especially to my mom who experienced 2 miscarriages. that's why her thoughts and her presence are both very important to me.  Our friends who offered prayers so that I can get through all these trials. Everyone was there for us. Even the parents of my friends, they were all very supportive. Lastly, prayers has always been the answer...

Thank you Lord...
Recent photo with my precious ones...


Chris said...

will keep you in my prayers enchie.. may God's favor be upon you and your family...

simply kim said...

Just be extra careful, girl.. hope everything turns out well..

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