Wishing The Sun Will Shine This Weekend

14 October 2011

It's difficult to move around especially when the weather is not cooperating. Friday is here once again. I am going to take things positively. I know the sun will give us a warm smile this weekend. This week, I wasn't able to post anything. Though I have stuff to share, but time won't really permit me. This is just a quick recap of what has been happening with my week. Of course, in terms of household chores, I was busy finishing my laundry. Doing it almost everyday, because I couldn't load everything in just one spin, especially now that my tummy's bigger.

It's been raining hard, so most of my tasks were held for 3 days. Rescheduling day trips with my husband's relatives who came from Georgia and the stressful fact that I missed my doctor's appointment for this month (which was moved later today). It's one thing on top of the other... 

I just wish that sun will brighten up our weekend...
Woke up early today with this blog, sending a big smile for a lovely weekend. It stopped raining... I'll start my day by having our humble car washed, then will be spending the day here at home, hoping that I can update my blogs some more. Later, I will be seeing my doctor and see how the baby's doing, will shop for more baby clothes. I just know that from this day, it is going to be dry, warm and sunny. The sky is clear... my day is going to be magnificent.

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