Meet Coco

11 February 2011

Here's the most adorable surprise my husband has ever given me and our little boy.

One Sunday, my husband told me to go early to my parent's place and he'll just follow for our Sunday Family dinner. I didn't know that he went to buy this adorable Beagle. It's took us 3 years to decide which pet to have. For a time, we wanted a Black Labrador, but we thought of the maintenance and we might not cope with the needs of a big dog. Our second choice was a Pug. Last December, we almost had one. But with further research made, a pug needs so much pampering and attention and we want a low maintenance pet. And just beside the pug we almost bought, was a Beagle.
Everyone, meet Coco.
 Consider Coco as family. More Coco entries on this blog. Have a great weekend everyone!


Nicole Ireland said...

My parents, who live next door, actually have three mini beagles. The oldest is just over 2. The youngest is 12 weeks. The middle one is just over a year.

Chloe, Sadie and Katie are the best dogs. Chloe is the sweet, low maintenance once. All she wants is someone to feed her, love her and take her out to potty. Sadie and Katie are the little spitfires. They are both very needy in the sense that they want constant attention. Katie especially. They both love to whine and play while the older one is content to lay around and not do much of anything.

I can honestly say that those three girls are a part of our family too. Even though they live with my mom and dad, I consider them our dogs, as well. I go up there and help take care of them. They look at me as another mom, which is just fine.

I highly recommend to anyone looking for a dog to consider purchasing a beagle. They really make great family pets.

clavsupclose said...

cute dog

Chris said...

i love beagles.. it reminds me of our dog, he came from the same family... he was a basset hound.

enjoy coco!