A Cool and Sunny Afternoon at the Cliff House Tagaytay

03 February 2011

It was the place to spend time with family... Our Cliff House stay was one of our relaxing trips in Tagaytay. As much as possible, if given the time, we always go on a quick break and head for Tagaytay City.
Tagaytay is one of the nearest destinations in Manila that gives an instant relaxing vibe. Third day of our new year, we decided to spend our cool and sunny afternoon at The Cliff House.
At the Cliff House, I found 3 of the most loved gifts of nature...

bush of hydrangreas
This is a common plant that everyone in the family loves.
Fresh Herbs
 I found a garden of Rosemary
 A view of the peaceful 
Taal Volcano...
The sun's out, the breeze was very cool, there weren't much people around... The smell of Christmas was still in the air, we enjoyed good food at Café Breton and dessert with Mochiko. I took advantage of the silence that embraced our Monday afternoon and released whatever was inside my mind. For me, days spent as peaceful as this is a blossoming opportunity to examine one's self again.
This experience was indeed a sign that it is going to be a fantastic year for everyone.
* The Cliff House is located along General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay City.


Tetcha said...

Going on a vacation is a good way to de-stress and a great family bonding moment, too!

Chris said...

what a beautiful family vacation.. just what we all need! :D