Tearful On MJ's Memorial

08 July 2009

One of the presentations that captured my heart was Mariah Carey's song number of I'll Be There. She was joined by Trey Lorenz, who recorded with her a duet of the song, which became Mariah’s first worldwide number one.
I wasn't a big fan of Michael Jackson. I heard about him in the 80's, but I was just a little girl back then. The 90's era that consist of my generation, was also Michael Jackson's peak. I am very grateful that I was still given the chance to know him even more. I love his music.
Many have asked, why now? why wait for the person to die in order for you to listen to his music again? I listen to his music every now and then.
New ones come, the old ones go.
I am listening to his music right now because I want to remember him, I want to revive the excitement listening to his legendary music.
Last night I watched Michael Jackson's Memorial live on television. It was the most intimate memorial I have ever seen. It was heart-warming and it brought tears to my eyes.
Everybody who loves Michael were there. Including the 17,000 fans who were randomly picked. From the bottom of my heart, I thank his family for sharing his memorial to the whole world. Even if I was viewing it miles away from Staples Center, I could feel the sadness of losing a loved one and prideful for the dignified person who passed away.


Momma Bams said...

I feel the same.. i wasnt much of a fan before pero i love his moves.. when he died, dun ko lang din sya masyado pinagtuunan ng pansin. I even bought 5 dvds of his concerts and albums lol.. Nag iisa lang talaga sya

Jes said...

sis ang ganda ng bago momng template =) cutie eeeheheh =)

re ke michael..oo nga eh...ako napansin ko yung kasikatan nya kasi ginagaya ko p ung moonwalk nun, ilang beses ko pinakikinggan mga songs nya sa you tube nakaka iyak at nakak miss noh? mami miss ko sya at tlgang tattak sa isipa t puso ko si MJ =)

Karen said...

I watched it last night too with my sis-in-law and brother, we cried :(( i cried when Usher sang "Gone too Soon" then when MJ's daugther spoke, the tears just kept falling. I felt their pain losing someone they love so much.

Rest in Peace - Michael Jackson :(

Beth said...

I cried too. Esp upon hearing Paris Jackson's words for him. Nkakaiyak talaga...

Jacris said...

It was heart breaking for me when Micheal Jackson's daughter told us that her dad is a good father and she loves her that so much that's the time I cried!!!
I always adore Mariah Carey,and the way she sings the I'll be there song was fantastic =). Have a lovely day =)

Evan's Mom said...

Watching the memorial service brought back the memories of my teenage years. I was a fan and he'll be missed.