05 July 2009

One of the things I am very thankful for is Contentment. A path to good living, a form of positivity and an act that will lead a person away from greediness.
There were times when I wanted more than what I have. My family led me away from it. Everytime I see my little boy's innocent face and smile, I see simplicity. And that gave me the determination to look and find possible ways in order to finally have it.
Contentment is a blessing for me. Few are given this state.
An answer to our human desires. Against the things that will give us endless discontentment. Everytime we get bored, we always look for something more. And the worse part, we just want it. We don't even need it.
I have become aware of this dilemma as I went on from being a teenager to now, being the light of my own family.
Why am I sharing these thoughts? This weekend, I found new realizations. Over a year ago, I was asking my husband to buy me a DSLR. 2 or 3 more months back, he bought me a new digital Camera.
His question: "why do you still want a camera, when I just bought you a new one". It took me months to finally convince him.
My reasons? I want to take good pictures with a better medium. Reasons justified.
Because now, I carry my DSLR more than my digital camera, even if its too heavy to bring around regularly. Yes, it is something I just wanted...and I promised that it is going to be my last. With this, I seeked for Contentment. I know that I will never be satisfied as long as the term "upgrade" is around. I can't tell that I already crossed the bridge to that path. Its better to say, I'm almost there...
As we were walking around the Cyberzone area of Megamall today, my husband and I both uttered, "do we need anything here?" We both smiled and went out of the area.
Actually we do needed something ( a new desktop), but since the current one we're using is still in an A-okay condition, yes we still don't need it.
I was just happy to finally see "us" naturally walk away.
Before, it was impossible for us to get anything by the end of the day. I am very honored to have given Contentment at this early stage as a Mother & Wife.
Look for it, find it. It might just be working its way towards your direction :)
Have a great week!


Karen said...

That's so good :D

Greed can eat us slowly sometimes without even noticing it.

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing! Very inspirational! :) Ako di pa ko kuntento, dami ko pa kasi wala hahaha! :)

Have a happy week and God bless, Enchie!

Momma Bams said...

I am certainly guilty about this lol.. gusto ko pa ng bagong digicam, yung may hd video, and dslr huhu.. bakit kasi lagi may bago lumalabas eh.. Nwei thanks for this, i will try my best to find contentment, although i think mahirap sa ngayon kasi ang dami ko pa gusto bilhin =(

joy said...

thanks for posting this one. there's a lot of things that i still want but every time i'm with my loved ones i feel complete and so blessed that the things that may be lacking in my life doesn't really matter at all as long as i'm with them (loved ones )

Jacris said...

Being contented is hard to achieved now a days lalo na sa panahon nating almost every month may bagong lumalabas na Hi-tech oh my I feel so guilty!But thank you sis for this post,glad you share it...
Have a lovely day=)

Enchie said...

No problem ladies. We're all in that state. As to what Joy mentioned, everytime she's with her family she feels complete, and that is a very positive approach to it. :)

kikamz said...

kudos ench for finding contentment! i am inspired by what you just wrote. i also WANTED to buy so many things, for myself and hubby and sam, but because we don't really need them, i just let them go. at the end of the day, i am happy to make do with what we have. as long as i am with my family, as long as we are happy together, i have no qualms about it. contentment is indeed a virtue!

niko said...

ay true ka ench!! naku dami ko kaya nakapila sa wish list ko pero i mark them as NEED or want. pag NEED pag iipunan pero pag want naaaah.

good for u! ako cguro after mkuha ni hubby LCD TV nia end na rin ng kkawish hahha

Ebie said...

What a lovely post. Sometimes we all take for granted what we have and what we don't have. At this point of my life, I feel contented, and am just happy I can enjoy whatever I have. One thing though, is missing, future grand children, hehe!
P.S. Whenever you come by, just let us know so we can show you around.

Enchie said...

Thanks Ms. Ebie!

Clarissa said...

Mahirap i-achieve ang contentment--good for you coz you have found it in your heart the difference of what you want and what you really need.^_^